Posted - November 17, 2015

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Marvel Two-In-One No. 20
Showdown at Sea

Marvel Two-In-One 20

And how does the Thing wind up in World War II? Oh c'mon, after all this time traipsing through Marvel Two-In-One with me you know the answer by now: Doctor Doom's Time Platform. Using this platform Ben will be meeting the Liberty Legion. Just look at them:

The Liberty Legion

Let's see. Front and center is the Patriot. The lady with the cape beside him is the Liberty Legion's most powerful member. Miss America can fly, is invulnerable and has super-strength. To the other side is the team speedster, the Whizzer, top speed of 100 mph at his prime (his my second favorite "legionnaire"). The green and yellow guy that looks like he's made of paper, is, of course, the Thin Man - just the thing for World War II espionage work. My favorite legionnaire is the one in blue. Blue Diamond is exactly that, tough as a diamond. The one with the cape is the Red Raven, a classic Marvel hero from the 40's. Enjoy him now in fine heroic form because he takes a villanous turn in the end as can be seen in the pages of the original X-Men. Holding on to the Raven is Jack Frost - an Iceman precursor (at least via retcon).

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