Posted - November 21, 2015

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Marvel Two-In-One No. 22
Touch Not the Hand of Seth

Marvel Two-In-One 22

Dr. Blake, a bit surprisingly, isn't off to somewhere hitting somebody with a hammer. He's in the hospital in the midst of a difficult surgery.

Dr. Donald Blake in surgery

At about that moment someone crashes into the hospital howling for Blake's blood.

Seth crashes into a hospital

Note that this powerful looking stranger is both armored and missing his right hand. He will reveal himself as Seth, Egyptian God of Death.

Seth, the Egyptian God of Death

In the Marvel universe all mythological pantheons have been given a place. Distinct, and colorful, families of gods make the Marvel universe all the richer. For the most part, the pantheons cooperate with each other. They even meet in council as can be seen in some key issues of Thor's The Eternals Saga. Seth, on the other hand, has some past history with Thor - a conflict that has cost Seth his hand. Evidently, the God of Death has deemed it time for him to avenge himself.

Donald Blake obliges him.


Seth proves to be a formidable opponent.

Seth gets the better of Thor

Seriously formidable considering that he is able to take down one who is probably Marvel's most powerful hero. I say "probably" because the title of Marvel's mightiest is contested by the Hulk.

The This is rescued by the timely arrival of Mjolnir part the first
The This is rescued by the timely arrival of Mjolnir part the second

Thor counters.

Thor counter attacks against Seth

At about this time, Benjamin J. Grimm and company arrive at the hospital. The Thing does a quick assessment of the situation and very quickly serves Seth a rock sandwich.

The Thing punches Seth

True to his title, Seth calls forth the dead to fight for him.

Seth raises a skeleton army

The Thing's comment is particularly interesting.

The Thing's Harryhausen remark

'Harryhausen' is exactly the name I was thinking off when I saw those skeleton warriors. If it doesn't ring a bell, you're in for a treat - check out the movie 'Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger'.

I'm not very worried though. I don't care how many they are, a bunch of bones cannot take down Thor and the Thing.

Thor and the Thing fighting a skeleton army

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