Posted - November 29, 2015

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Marvel Two-In-One No. 30
Battle Atop Big Ben

Marvel Two-In-One 30

From the last story, I had assumed that Ben Grimm and Alicia would wrap up their London trip and take Dr. Kort to New York to help Deathlok. But the reverse has happened. Deathlok has been taken to London where Doctor Kort is now working on a cure. Ben and Alicia get to continue their London vacation. Take a look at the Thing walking the streets of London.

The Thing in London in casual clothing

Or rather, running the streets of London. It seems being in a foreign country really does make us change our behavior. Look at the Thing, walking along in casual clothing. What a change from being at home in New York and lumbering around in trademark blue shorts made of unstable molecules. A word to the wise though, enjoy this while it lasts, the Thing will be so worked up later on that we'll be seeing the old familiar "half-naked" Thing.

And let the action begin.

Spider-Woman hits the Thing with a venom blast

There goes the outfit. Note Jessica Drew's surprising discovery that a guy who looks like a brick wall is just as tough.

The Thing pretty much shows who the veteran fighter is in this first meeting with Spider-Woman.

The Thing fighting Spider-Woman

Jessica decides, wisely, to make a sudden retreat.

Here we have Jessica's rather curious circumstance.

Spider-Woman is a pawn of Hydra

She is currently under that thrall of Hydra. It won't always be so, of course, but later on, especially when she gets drafted by S.H.I.E.L.D., what is now a backstory will be grist for many a storied mill well into Spider-Woman's future.

And now for Spider-Woman's second run-in with the Thing, she doesn't go up against Grimm at all but rather, she kidnaps Alicia.

Spider-Woman kidnaps Alicia Masters

Unfortunately, the Thing can't do much against fliers.

The Thing looks on helplessly as Spider-Woman flies off with Alicia

The Thing and Spider-Woman fighting atop Big Ben

This will end with both belligerents falling into the Thames.

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