Posted - November 29, 2015

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Marvel Two-In-One No. 32
And Only The Invisible Girl Can Save Us Now

Marvel Two-In-One 32

Jessica does her best but the serum seems to have made Alicia the stronger spider woman.

The Alicia-Spider is stronger than Spider-Woman

Jessica also notices that Alicia's stinger blasts are more powerful than her own.

Alicia uses her stinger against Spider-Woman

Grimm can't punch his way out of this one. Worse - he doesn't want to. Ben is different from heroes like Spider-Man and Daredevil because he's a member of a family. When in trouble, Ben has an option.

Ben Grimm makes an emergency call to the Baxter Building

And he takes the option, he calls home. Home being the Baxter Building. This is an important aspect of being the Thing, this option to call home when the situation gets really messed up. The question is: Is anybody in? Sue is in and it is a mark of just how close a family the FF is that she immediately makes her way to London.

The Invisible Woman and Ben Grimm in London

The Thing gets a break at a last when he is able to grab hold of the device linking Alicia with Hydra.

Ben Grimm grabs hold of a Hydra device attached to a mutated Alicia Masters

In the end, the answer is Sue's invisible force field - she uses it to deprive Alicia of air enough to pass out.

Invisible Woman uses her force field to knock Alicia-Spider unconscious

The most important contribution is from the aformentioned Dr. Kort - he's able to bring back Alicia from the abyss.

Dr. Kort cures Alicia Masters

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