Posted - September 21, 2016

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Marvel Two-In-One No. 33
From Stonehenge With Death

Marvel Two-In-One 33

Ben and Alicia are still in London and as the comicbook opens they are locked in a kiss, which, again, begs the question: How do these two do it without Ben killing Alicia? Thundra, that's the right gal for Ben. Now here's an interesting panel from Alicia.

Alicia wants to go to Stonehenge

Uh huh, it seems that Alicia really likes rocks. I take it back. Ben is perfect for her.

I should've known that Stonehenge wasn't just standing in the middle of nowhere. It's a tourist attraction as you can see below.

Stonehenge the tourist spot

Alicia gives us a nice capsule introduction to what makes Stonehenge so special.

And just like that, we are introduced to this tale's antagonists: Elementals!

Giant Elementals confront the Thing

Oh look, they're gigantic.

A giant fire elemental attacking the Thing

These elementals are a curious choice. The Fantastic Four itself can be looked on as representative of the four elements. Thing for Earth. The Torch for Fire. The Invisible Woman for Air. And malleable Mr. Fantastic for Water. We get treated to the two embodiments of Earth having a go at each other.

An earth elemental fighting the thing

This earth elemental, unfortunately known as Mud Brother, is quite powerful. Aside from being a giant, he can also control the rocks and earth around him, a sort of bargain basement Terrax the Tamer.

The Elementals reveal Merlin as there principal. Quite a twist since Merlin is usually portrayed as a good guy. Elementals and wizards are a fit but looking at most fantasy lore, elementals are usually the province of shamans.

Once again we get a wonderful panel showing how tough Ben is. Here he is withstanding rock projectiles from Mud Brother.

The Thing's tough hide widstands the impact of rocky projectiles

After that, Spider-Woman uses her venom blasts against the earth elemental.

Spider-Woman uses her venom blast against an earth elemental

Wait wha-? What is Spider-Woman doing here? She quite literally jumped into the story, claiming to have followed Ben and Alicia from London for some unfathomable reason. It is noteworthy that from the start - looking at these twenty-foot tall elementals - Jessica is convinced that she and Ben will lose out to these monsters. Chalk it up to her being a rookie. The Thing, on the other hand, mentions to Alicia that these guys are creampuffs compared to what he's used to taking on. All our problems are only a matter of perspective - and experience.

The world is upside down alright. Merlin is a bad guy and Modred is a hero. In old English lore, Modred, son of Arthur and Morgan Le Fey was a paricide.

Modred the Mystic

Dressed in the best medieval fashion, except the shoes, which is on loan from the Quakers.

With Modred's arrival the elementals really cut loose. Here's the one called Aero creating a tornado atop Stonehenge.

Modred the Mystic is buffeted by tornado winds atop Stonehenge

Quite a sight. Modred is being blown around like a leaf.

This panel has me thinking.

Ah Mr. Grimm, for those of us living in the real world we'd rather tackle an army of elementals than face the prospect of not being able to pay the rent. At least with the elementals you'll simply be dead. You'll still be alive many a miserable day after not making rent. Ah, I see I've cheered everybody up.

Look at this crazy statement from Jessica.

Spider-Woman buffeted by doubts about what she is

This self-doubt is central to the early persona of Spider-Woman and is one of the things that will be resolved in this story.

After all is said and done, Modred takes the form of a deus ex machina that resolves things on several levels. First, Modred defeats the Elementals (sadly, Merlin never makes an apperance). Next, he uses his mystical powers to ascertain that Jessica Drew is human and not an insect and restores her lost memories. Next, she makes Alicia forget her horrific experience in London.

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