Posted - September 25, 2016

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Marvel Two-In-One No. 38
Thing Behind Prison Bars

Marvel Two-In-One 38

Here's the front page of the Daily Bugle.

The Thing is Daily Bugle front page news

The Thing has a point, it is a news item but to make it into a front page headline? It seems Jameson's enmity towards Spider-Man can spill over to other heroes.

I know you're angry Matt but did you have to break the phone?

Matthew Murdock breaks a phone

Last issue it was full-on Matt Murdock but, as promised, Matt changes to his alter ego.

Daredevil's power can be pretty subtle so I really appreciate writing that shows it to best effect. Like these two panels here.

Daredevil uses his heightened senses to second guess a thug

Now Alex Stone was introduced last issue as the guy who was really pushing to put Grimm behind bars. The guy is drawn pretty buff, not really looking like one among the crowd of New Yorkers. Now we know why.

Sylvester Stallone is the inspiration for a Thing villain

Looks like Stone was inspired by Silvester Stallone - just look at that face.

Okay, Stone has super-strength.

The mysterious Mr. Stone shows his superhuman strength

The Alex Stone and Daredevil fight does not go well for DD. But there is one good panel, just one, where DD dishes it out in style.

Daredevil in full acrobatic assault

Look at this.

Daredevil trapped in a car under the river

Daredevil is trapped in a car underneath the river. In future days this will happen to him again, shown in the pages of Daredevil Born Again.

Matt tells the Thing about all that has transpired and it's enough to snap Ben out of the pity party he's been in since last issue. It happens doesn't it? You're feeling depressed but once you get moving, working on you're problem, just the act of working it can radically change your mood for the better.

In a hilarious turn, the guy whom the Thing chooses to ask about Stone is the very same guy Daredevil 'interrogated'.

A thug gets interrogated by a Marvel superhero for the second time

Somebody needs a bar.

Aw, this is a rare sight.

The Thing's Punisher face

Ben Grimm's Punisher face.

The thugs directions leads the Thing into an underground lair. Love the display of strength against steel double doors.

The Thing makes his way to a mysterious underground lair

At first we don't know what the Thing is up against.

The Thing is thrown as he is hit by a king-sized fist

But judging by that fist it's big.

Nicely designed villain and beautiful Sunday punch from Ben.

An armored antagonist shows up and the Thing belts it with a punch

One should have been enough but looks like a there's a small army.

A small army of robots gang up on the Thing

Even more unfortunate Ben admits that the entire group together rivals him in strength. And who's army is it? The villain reveals himself.

The Mad Thinker has captured Daredevil

The Mad Thinker.

Well the Thinker begins ranting and proves that he is indeed the Mad Thinker. The guy actually wants to master the element of chance - talk about mission impossible. Well not for the Thinker, he thinks he has the solution but needs Daredevil's unique abilities to pull it off. In order to force DD to think his way the Thinker threatens the life of the Thing. And on this cliffhanger the issue ends.

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