Posted - September 29, 2016

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Marvel Two-In-One No. 40
Conjure Night

Marvel Two-In-One 40

As the curtain opens on the next tale I see two things that I really like in one panel: the Thing and pizza!

The Thing baking a pizza

There is one thing off with this panel though. Ben Grimm doesn't need gloves to handle that hot plate.

What's better than looking at pizza? Eating it!

Matt Murdock, Yellowjacket, a young man, and the Thing enjoying homemade pizza

The Vision can't eat pizza. Is that still true? That would be a disaster.

The Thing has to drop off our young 'psychic' to school and look who he bumps into.

The Thing and an incognito T'Challa

I know this is a comicbook but the heir apparent of Wakanda teaching in a U.S. public school - now that is unbelievable.

One impossible thing follows another here. Ben decides to hang out at the school and sits in at class.

The Thing sitting on a public school seat

That seat CANNOT possibly carry the Thing.

The scene shifts to a burgled apartment as the police sift through the scene of the crime. Beautifully done panel.

Cops come upon a burgled room

Somewhere else, something is digging itself out of a grave. We could be in for a bit of a halloween taie. It's starting slowly though, this comic is taking its time.

More ingredients for our stew (or should that be more toppings for our pizza?). Enter: J. Jonah Jamesone, horrible boss.

J. Jonah Jameson throws yet another tantrum

This is a pretty unimpressive rendition of the two heroes.

Badly drawn Thing and Black Panther

They look like two regular joes dressed up as the Thing and Black Panther. Anyway, the Panther decides to go 'stalking' for some kidnappers and Ben comes along for the ride. Lucky T'Challa, with the power of the Thing the Black Panther will be able to handle just about anything now.

Okay, here's the villain of the piece.

A zombie vampire attacks

It's huge. Perfect. The perfect sparring partner for the Thing. I'm calling this vampire Victim No. 1. Where's Ben with the knuckle sandwich?

Oh! Beautiful approach by the Panther.

Black Panther slides down a rope

The Panther attacks.

The Black Panther attacks a zombie vampire

But on a straight on fight this 'thing' is a bit above the Black Panther's weight class. Hey Grimm! Get over here!

Ohmigod, Ben is in one of those waiting for the subway moments.

The Thing waiting for a subway train

I wouldn't be surprised if a nearly endless wait for the train is one of the punishments in hell.

Back to the Panther, we have a small panel that shows his amazing agility.

The agile Black Panther

Makes me sort of want to see Black Panther vs Spider-Man.

Look at how frightening this villain is.

The fearsome image of the zombie vampire

Those fangs! It is also mentioned that he smells like a rotting corpse. Disgusting.

The Thing arrives at last. What he's supposed to be doing is mopping up the floor with the vampire. What he is doing is wrecking Carnegie Hall.

The Thing destroying a part of Carnegie Hall

I like the Thing but he has got to be one of the heroes who's destroyed the most property, private and public, over the years. Come to think of it my impression is that the Thing has destroyed more property than the Hulk.

The Thing is landing punches but the vampire just keeps on coming. It is a battle seemingly among equals until a baton wielding musician, well-versed in vampire lore comes to end this fight.

A conductor strikes the zombie vampire with a baton

Bafflingly, everyone just leaves the fallen creature, presumably for the police to find. But the creature has a mysterious master. A master that revives the vampire.

The zombie vampire is revived by Dr. Obatu

I find the term 'zuvembie' a bit awkward so I'll use the more popular 'zombie' instead. I'll be referring to the monster as a 'vampire zombie' or 'zombie vampire'.

The issue ends on a cliffhanger as the vampire zombie manages to choke hold the Black Panther into unconsciousness.

The zombie vampire crushes the Black Panther into unconsciousness

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