Posted - October 3, 2016

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Marvel Two-In-One No. 42
Entropy Entropy

Marvel Two-In-One 42

We start, satisfyingly, with a display of strength from the Thing.

The Thing goes through a titanium wall

Ben might not be the Juggernaut but he still has enough raw power to go through six-inches of Titanium. Titanium is about as strong as steel only lighter. So here, the Thing might as well have been going through six inches of steel. Wow.

Next we get this beautiful double-page spread.

Captain America confronts the Thing

The narrative box makes much of Captain America but let's face it. Next to his smarts, Cap will really need his speed in a matchup against Ben. The unbreakable shield is further insurance against one of those ninety-ton punches. Here's the demo . . .

Captain America uses his shield to block a punch from the Thing

If I remember correctly, Cap's shield is a vibranium-adamantium alloy - the vibranium part is energy absorbing while the adamantium part provides near-invincibility. Look how the sheer force of the Thing's blow is scattering everybody but Cap manages to hold steady.

Ben is rampaging through the complex looking for Wundarr. Ben is partly responsible for Wundarr as can be seen in some old issues of Marvel-Two-In-One. Some of the very earliest issues really.

Ben is finally captured in a force field and Cap calms him down.

Project Pegasus is going to figure largely in future stories in Marvel Two-In-One as well as in other contemporary Marvel titles. Here's a capsule description of the Project from Steve.

Captain America explains the Pegasus Project

Here's another figure from the past: Dr. Lightner.

The Thing meets Dr. Lightner

Lightner was Blacksun (with his father) in Thing's adventure with Doc Savage.

Project Pegasus' alternative energy directive just went into overdrive - they're studying the Cosmic Cube in this facility.

The Thing and Cap comes across Wundarr who is needed by the government in connection with all these energy research.

Wundarr in restraints

Really? constrained and followed by guards with what I take to be stunners. And Cap just looking on like, you know, it's ok for the government to do this? Hmmm.

Wundarr came to Earth on a space ship from Krypton (Did I say Krypton? I meant a Krypton-compatible planet). He grew up on that ship with no life experiences whatsoever ( I assume he was in stasis). The result is an adult with the mind of a four year old but the strength of say, the Submariner. What's a four-year old in restraints to do but this.

Wundarr breaks out of his restraints

Thank God Ben is here.

The Thing comforts Wundarr

This is why the Project needs Wundarr.

Wundarr is harnessed to the Cosmic Cube

Murphy's Law kicks in as the experiment goes haywire. Ben sees to Wundarr while Cap pursues a saboteur.

Captain America pursues a saboteur

Very few people can counter Captain America. Who is this guy? whoever he is, he grabs the cube and disappears. Only to reappear in the Everglades in the midst of a strange cult. The cult is called the Entropists and the saboteur is one Victor Conrad. Apparently one and all didn't just appear out of nowhere but are a part of Marvel continuity having been seen previously in Astonishing Tales and Man-Thing.

Captain America informs the Thing that Stark International has a plane that can track the Cosmic Cube.

Captain America and the Thing uses a special plane to track the Cosmic Cube

How stupid

The Thing does away with a sensible safety precaution

The message: Impatience is ok, specially when safety is concerned. Ah, hot-blooded comics being read, presumably by hot-blooded kids. The joy of rushing into things half-cocked, how I miss it.

Cap and the Thing find themselves in the Everglades. Beautiful panel.

Captain America and the Thing in the Everglades

As expected, they come upon the cult, led by Victor Conrad who has given himself the unfortunate name of Entropic Man.

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