Posted - January 1, 2018

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Marvel Two-In-One No. 54
The Pegasus Project Part Two

Marvel Two-In-One No. 54

Inside Project Pegasus Deathlok is about to ambush the Thing.

deathlok about to ambush the thing

Oh, correction, the Thing isn't just visiting Wundarr. He's taken a job as a security asset of the Project. That means that last issue he just attacked his boss, Quasar. Crazy Grimm.

Deathlock shoots the Thing.

deathlok shooting the thing

Considering he's nearly invulnerable, it's a powerful shot - Ben's forearm starts bleeding. He looks more surprised than hurt though. Ben manages to subdue Deathlok only for a moment. Deathlok -a zombie cyborg - proves too strong to hold down.

deathlok kicking the thing

A bit of Deathlok's history here.

deathlok's past

What a revolting development. First day on the job as security and the Thing fails at it.

Deathlock manages to elude everybody and follows his directive.

deathlok planting a machine

Quasar manages to use his energy bands to track Deathlok. Soon enough it's Quasar vs. Deathlok.

quasar attacks deathlok

Deathlok manages to down Quasar with some gas but Quasar isn't ready to give up the fight.

quasar defending against deathlok

A one-armed Ben Grimm arrives just in time.

thing throws deathlok

Deathlok simply won't stop so Quasar is forced to . . .

quasar blasts deathlok

Meanwhile, Thundra - who got recruited into entertainment wrestling - isn't following the script, that is, the pre-agreed choreography of these types of wrestling matches.

thundra and poundcakes wrestling

Back in Pegasus, Lightner continues to take orders from a mysterious source.

lightner talking

Ben Grimm bumps into Goliath.

ben  grim and bill foster

In an effort to further disrupt the project, Lightner frees Nuklo.

lightner unleashes nuklo

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