Posted - January 1, 2018

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Marvel Two-In-One No. 57
The Pegasus Project Part Five

Marvel Two-In-One No. 57

After all the goings on it is no wonder that Head of Security, Quasar, calls a security meeting.

security meeting at project pegasus

They have come to the correct conclusion that there is a turncoat within the Project.

A newly awakened Wundarr has accidentally freed Solarr.

solar walking from his cell

Wundarr's energy absorbing powers shuts down all forms of energy including kinetic energy, so Solarr is both unable to blast him or even approach him.

It's a bit of dark humor when Solarr - looking for a buddy to escape with - chooses to go into Electro's cell and finds this.

solarr talking to electro

The security investigation reveals Lightner.

lightner being investigated

It's Solarr's day to be surprised. His next choice for a partner is Klaw but he only finds Klaw's sonic blaster.

solarr finds klaw's sonic blaster

Solarr angrily throws the weapon and the Master of Sound materializes.

klaw recreated

Klaw and Solarr's escape turns to a chase using the facility's transport system.

transport vehicles of project pegasus

Solar manages to blast the rails from under the heroes. The Thing does the same thing to the escaping prisoners but this time using his strength.

the thing rips up rails

It's Solarr vs. Quasar.

solarr vs. quasar

Klaw erects a sonic shield but it is not effective against the Thing.

thing penetrates klaw's shield

Giant-Man ends the fight by throwing an entire vehicle at Klaw.

giant-man throws a vehicle at klaw

As the heores think it is over, Klaw recovers, lets loose with a sonic explosion and . . .

klaw stands over an unconscious thing


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