Posted - January 1, 2018

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Marvel Two-In-One No. 60
Happiness Is A Warm Alien

Marvel Two-In-One No. 60

We look in on Ben's impressive workout.

thing lifting weights

The Thing gets into one of his moods.

thing in his room

ON the bright side Mr. Grimm, you're impossibly strong, unbelievably tough and you don't have to work the 9-to-5 like the rest of us.

To Ben Grimm, whos' more annoying than the Torch? This guy . . .

impossible man in thing's bathroom

Here's a capsule backgrounder on him.

backgrounder on the impossible man

Impossible Man reminds me when I was five and I did actually say the words "I'm bored" to my Grandma.

impossible man talking to thing

Ben is going to an Alicia Master's event and he allows Impossible Man to go as his hat.

impossible man as thing's hat

We all know that we won't be looking at a purple and green hat for the rest of this issue.

Impy wastes no time in getting in some laughs at Ben's expense.

impossible man changes shape as thing's hat

IM actually helps out with the Yancy Street Gang.

impossible man vs yancy street gang impossible man vs yancy street gang

Wow, look at Alicia's sculptures.

sculptures of alicia masters in a gallery

Haha, this is a nice touch. It's George Perez, Mark Gruenwald and Ralph Macchio.

marvel creators in the house

A few years from now George will be moving from Marvel to DC and starting the legendary New Teen Titans run with Marv Wolfman.

And just like that. Trouble.

statues come to life

I know the Puppet Master is Alicia's stepdad but isn't he too dangerous to have around on top of the other bad guys already here? Waitaminute the Thing's got Impy and his 90-ton punch. Should be fine.

puppet master visiting

It's action time!

doc doom statue punches the thing

The Thing has a very real problem here: he can't just destroy Alicia's works.

thing talking


Alicia gives her permission.

alicia talking

See the panel below?

thing fights back

The next panel are countless chunks of granite flying all over the place.

The other statue is the mastermind and it can talk.

talking statue

I knew Impy would come in handy. He breaks Yogi Dakor's (Maha Yogi?) concentration by becoming a water balloon. It's game over.

thing finishes the fight

Envying the Ben and Alicia's relationship Impossible Man does the impossible and creates a partner for himself.

impossible man creates a mate

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