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Story : In The Line of Duty | Issues : 1 and 2
"Marcus Driver's partner Charlie is killed by Mr. Freeze while the pair are investigating a lead, making the MCU (Major Crimes Unit) aware of a bigger plot by Freeze." -from

Story : Motive | Issues : 3 to 5
"The MCU investigate the late Charlie Fields' unsolved case, involving the murder of a teenage girl and the villain Firebug." -from

Story : Half A Life | Issues : 6 to 10
"Renee Montoya is outed at the station as a lesbian and finds her work environment and personal life turned upside down. The Batman villain Two-Face appears in this arc, having fallen in love with Montoya and kidnapped her." -from

Story : Daydreams and Believers | Issue : 11
"A story told from the point of view of MCU temp Stacy as she writes to her friend Meg about her life in the MCU and her fantasies (including romantic fantasies about Batman)." -from

Story : Soft Targets | Issues : 12 to 15
"The cops of Gotham find themselves literally under fire from the Joker, as he begins sniping both police and civilians in his murderous campaign. Every second becomes valuable; as to further the damage, Joker has made a website featuring streaming webcam footage from his next positions." -from

Story : Life is Full of Disappointments | Issues : 16 to 18
"A murder investigation is passed between three different sets of detectives across the three issues, allowing a glimpse into the various lives of the detectives. This story also features The Huntress." -from

Story : Unresolved | Issues : 19 to 22
"An old murder case involving the Mad Hatter is reopened. However, the now disgraced Harvey Bullock suspects that the Penguin is involved." -from

Story : Corrigan | Issues : 23 and 24
"Crispus Allen's job is threatened after corrupt Jim Corrigan removes evidence from a scene. This story also features the death of Batman villain Black Spider and ties into the Batman War Games crossover" -from

Story : Lights Out | Issue : 25
"At Akins' orders, the Bat-Signal is removed from Gotham Central after the events of War Games, which lead the MCU to (further) distrust Batman." -from

Story : On The Freak Beat | Issues : 26 and 27
"A murder investigation in which Catwoman is a suspect is further complicated when Catwoman learns about detective Josie Mac's psychic powers, a secret she has kept from the others at the MCU. This story also features Slam Bradley." -from

cover of gotham central no. 26 cover of gotham central no. 27

Story : Keystone Kops | Issues : 28 to 31
"An officer is transformed into a monster after an accident involving an old laboratory belonging to Flash villain Doctor Alchemy. Dr. Alchemy later changes the composition of Renee Montoya's necklace, causing it to permanently scar her chest with the dual venus symbol." -from

cover of gotham central no. 28 cover of gotham central no. 29 cover of gotham central no. 30 cover of gotham central no. 31

Story : Nature | Issue : 32
"A story told from the perspective of one of the many corrupt police officers of Gotham City. This story features the character Poison Ivy." -from

cover of gotham central no. 32

Story : Dead Robin | Issues : 33 to 36
"A boy's body is found, wearing a Robin costume. The MCU must assume that the boy really is Robin, and Batman becomes a major suspect. This story also features the Teen Titans." -from

cover of gotham central no. 33 cover of gotham central no. 34 cover of gotham central no. 35 cover of gotham central no. 36

Story : Sunday Bloody Sunday | Issue : 37
"Tying into the events of Infinite Crisis, this story features Crispus Allen trying to get home to his family in a disaster-stricken Gotham City. This issue also features Captain Marvel and the death of The Fisherman." -from

cover of gotham central no. 37

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Story : Corrigan II | Issues : 38 to 40
"Allen goes after the corrupt Jim Corrigan, only to be killed. Corrigan uses his connections and well placed lies to get off clean, persuading a disgusted Montoya to leave the force." -from

cover of gotham central no. 38 cover of gotham central no. 39 cover of gotham central no. 40

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Posted by  Pete Albano - March 11, 2011 

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These four hard cover books contain the entire series.

In 2011, a softcover edition of the first Gotham Central HC came out. It's called the Deluxe Edition.

The hardcover editions came out 2008 to 2010. Before that, during 2004 to 2007, DC published the following series of Gotham Central trade paperbacks.

"In The Line of Duty" contains issues 1 to 5.

"Half A Life" reprints issues 6 to 10. As an added treat, this also includes Batman Chronicles 16 also written by Rucka and is a story about Two-Face and Renee Montoya. Also included is Detective Comics 747, also by Rucka and also featuring Renee Montoya; the story is called "Happy Birthday Two You". Get it? "Two You". Even if you have the HC you might want to consider this TPB because the HC doesn't have these related tales from Chronicles and Detective.

"Unresolved Targets" combines the Joker storyline "Soft Targets" in 12 to 15 and the Mad Hatter "Unresolved" story arc from 19 to 22. We skip 16 to 18, the three-part murder investigation called "Life Is Full Of Disappointments" - disappointments like not  getting included in the trade paperback.

"The Quick and the Dead" has the cover of issue 24 and presents the two-part "Corrigan" story line from 23 and 24 as well as the "Lights Out" done-in-one from 25. It skips the moody Catwoman tale called "On The Freak Beat" from 26 and 28 and is the poorer for it, then takes up the series again from 28 to 31, the arc called "Keystone Kops".

"Dead Robin" sees the series to the end, collecting the "Dead Robin" story arc from 33 to 36, the Infinite Crisis crossover one-shot "Sunday Bloody Sunday" from 37 and the final story arc "Corrigan II" from 38 to 40. It skips the one issue "Nature" story from 32; my opinion: they should have switched "Nature" with "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and gotten a better TPB.


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