Bowen Captain America Sculpture

Ultimate Captain America Variant Bowen Designs Exclusive Statue

In the pages of Daredevil Born Again, Matt used his keen senses to "take a closer look" at Captain America. Daredevil - no slouch himself - quickly ascertained that Captain America was his physical superior. That was great but here's the grandaddy of them all: In the pages of JLA/Avengers the fight between Batman and Captain America stopped prematurely, but not before the Caped Crusader acknowledged (to himself only) that he (Batman) was before a superior fighter. There's more, in Civil War, Spider-Man had the only fight he ever had with Captain America and Peter Parker commented with awe that the way Captain America fought it seemed that his many moves were all "just one move" - showing the fluidity and expertise of Steve Roger's fighting technique.

The more comics I read the more I'm convinced that Captain America (Steve Rogers) is the best hand-to-hand fighter in both the Marvel and DC universes. Considering that the field includes Batman, Wolverine, Deathstroke, and Shang-Chi, that's saying something.

This iconic hero is one of Marvel's oldest. Making up the 1940's Timely triumvirate (and core Invaders team) of himself, the original Human Torch and Namor, the Submariner.

Although his recent attack of "old age" has definitely made Steve Rogers crankier and more temperamental than usual, the "young" Captain America always exemplified all the virtues of baby boomer America (compassion, fair play, determination) and none of the flaws (afraid to display emotion, racism, arrogance).

He's a symbol, yes, but he's also a legendary hero who's tale, I think, will be told as long as Marvel stands. If you believe in the Captain how about putting him on your shelf?

I want it!

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