Bowen Designs Marvel Statues

Bowen Designs offers a wide choice of limited edition Marvel statues. These are collectible high-quality pieces, extremely detailed, surprisingly big and heavy. Whether you want to start a collection or simply want one copy of your favorite Marvel character on your shelf, you should consider a Bowen Designs sculpture.

One thing you won't get when you purchase a Bowen is criticism about being being childish. Anyone looking at these statues will realize that these pieces are pricey, serious sculptures - they're a great way to announce just how serious you are about your hobby. Even just one piece will definitely add credence to a life-long passion.

Bottom line, these statues are simply admirable, carefully sculpted and painted pieces worthy of being handed down, much like porcelain and china collections have been handed down from one generation to the next over the years.

Bowen Designs take their cue from both the Marvel Comics Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe so you can get a range of characters from all of Marvel. Whether you want a "classic" rendition of the character or a specific design from a movie or trade paperback there is a Bowen sculpture for you.

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There is a smaller subset of Bowen statues called mini-busts. Let's take a look at what sets them apart from other Bowen Designs sculptures.

Bowen Designs mini-busts have the detail and sculptural intricacy of Bowen Statues in a smaller scale.

What's the advantage of these statues being smaller you ask? Well, these mini-busts are ideal for displaying on desks and sidetables and such. The heavy statues will be more at home on a display shelf. The mini-busts are also more affordable.

From the collectability point of view, you should see what a mini-bust collection looks like all in a row. It's hard to fight the collecting bug at the sight of them.

Bowen has made so many Marvel mini-busts that you can focus on just a small, related group of busts. Are you an Avengers fan? You can just narrow your collection to mini-busts of heroes that have become Avengers. Ok, maybe that's not such a good example since almost every hero in the Marvel universe has become an Avenger at one point. How about X-Men? You can confine your collection to the X-Nation. Or how about just all the Marvel villains? Or maybe just all the Spider-Man mini-busts? Your call.

Mini-busts are also a great "starter collection" if you find yourself considering collecting Bowen Designs statues but want to "get your feet wet" first. You can literally start small with Bowen and then buy the big, limited edition statues later on if you find that you want to fully commit as a Bowen Designs sculpture collector.

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We've been very general so far, but now let's take a look at individual sculptures . . .

12" Wolverine Brown Costume Museum Statue

Wolverine will forever be remembered as the guy who did "what had to be done" in order to prevent the Hellfire Club from defeating the X-Men. He has since become a totem or symbol for necessary ruthlessness for the greater good (something you should bear in mind if you want to display his statue on your shelf).

Aside from his evident symbolism, Wolverine packs quite the powerset: adamantium laced bones, healing factor that can resurrect him from the dead, and those claws, those magnificent razor-sharp adamantium claws that have since become iconic.

This statue shows him in his second costume, as opposed to the yellow one he was introduced in within the pages of Hulk 181 - and to which he later returned. I call this brown costume his "Mariko" costume because it was during the time he was wearing this that he was in a very touching relationship with the Lady Mariko. Good times.

This foot-tall sculpture is a limited edition hand-painted homage to one of the most popular "modern" comics characters (the other set being "classic" characters of the older Marvel mold like Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and others).

If you've always admired the fighting spirit, decisive practicality and core goodness of this X-Man, here's your chance to have him on your shelf.

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Bowen Designs The Mighty Thor Painted Statue - (Classic Action Version)

It now seems likely that the mantle of Thor in the Marvel universe will have many holders going forward. That is all to the good in terms of keeping the stories fresh and interesting and showing readers new ways of regarding the God of Thunder.

For decades, we knew Thor to be Thor Odinson, son of Odin the All-Father and Gaea or Mother Earth, whose mortal guise was Doctor Donald Blake. Unique among Marvel's heroes, Thor wasn't really Dr. Blake who took up a "masked" identity as Thor; he was Thor and the Dr. Blake persona was the "masked" identity. In effect, Dr. Blake didn't really exist.

This statue pays tribute to the old Thor. The Thor of Journey Into Mystery, The Mighty Thor, The Avengers and the current Marvel Cinematic Universe Thor.

Marvel's Thor is a the product of two things. First is Norse Mythology combined with Stan Lee. With the Norse legends as a foundation, Stan Lee weaved the story of the proud son of Odin into the Marvel universe. Out was the rough Viking armor and in was the colorful - and now iconic - costume. Gone was the bloody-handed warrior, Marvel's Thor is a guardian and protector, violent, yes, but never bloody-handed - this is the Norse Thor with a conscience. The second source of Marvel's Thor is the legendary Jack Kirby. Jack Kirby will forever influence Thor - not only the design of the character himself but the design of Thor's world - the people (gods) and places. Whether they want to or not every artist since will have to build on Jack's foundation.

This Thor statue is by far the best rendition of the Thunder God in sculpture. Designed by Bowen himself, it is Thor as we like him - whirling enchanted Mjolnir, calling forth the roiling heavens, the God of Thunder at the height of his powers!

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From one of Marvel's most powerful heroes let's now take a look at one of the most powerful villains . . .

Bowen Designs Thanos Statue (Museum Version)

As evidenced by the epic Infinity Guantlet and Infinity Crusade events, Tnanos is the kind of character that can very well be the center of a major Marvel tale. Even if he's not front-and-center of a story, like in Annihilation, Thanos gives the impression that he can take over at any moment.

Thanos was born as one of the Eternals of Titan. His mean streak might or might not have to do with the fact that he looks more Deviant than Eternal. In any case, natural and bionic enhancements have given Thanos cosmic-level powers.

Thanos is also famous for his death obssession - making him even more dangerous since he sometimes seems eager to die (why he just doesn't destroy himself is beyond me.

In any case, Thanos is one of those Marvel bad guys - like Doctor Doom and Venom - that has a substantial number of people cheering for them.

Why do people like Thanos? For one thing, Thanos isn't really evil. He's more amoral than evil. If you read him closely enough you'll notice that he adheres to a private code of honor. Thanos is also a totem for power - in this sense, in the Marvel universe, he is second only to Doctor Doom. Through his pursuit of the Infinity Gems and because of his worship of Lady Death, Thanos is the original holder of the title "Master of the Universe". That title used to be a lot more of a big deal in the "old days" - in today's multiversal Marvel wanting to be master of just one universe seems strangely modest. Another thing about Thanos is he is absolutely relentless - he just keeps getting up even after taking massive punishment. I've always admired that even when he's having a bad time of it he's still smiling like he's in total control of the situation - what can I say? He's the villain you love to hate.

You might even like him enough to put him on the shelf. This limited edition, handpainted statue is 15 inches tall and is a totem for power, toughness and individuality. For the "master of the universe" in all of us.

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And now, Iron Man. Or rather, one of the many Iron Man armors . . .

Bowen Designs Iron Man Extremis Armor Statue

This foot-tall statue by Bowen Designs features the Extremis Armor, also known as the Model 30 armor. Note the comparartively sleeker design. This must be the sleekest Iron Man armor since the Silver Age Mark II. The Extremis Armor is directly linked with Tony's mind and nervous system. With the exception of the Bleeding Edge Armor (Model 31), the Extremis is the closest Tony has come to being an actual cyborg.

The Extremis Armor can be mentally "commanded" by Tony to assemble itself around him automatically. A wonderful visual effect that has been shown in both the movies and in comicbooks. The Extremis also links Tony to external networks and data sources in an unprecedented scale, making the armor the hub of a vast information network.

If you like Iron Man then you must also be a big fan of technology as a beneficent tool for mankind. Apart from being a Marvel superhero that can take us on all sorts of adventures, Iron Man is also a symbol of man's ability to harness technology and of a belief that technology is "the answer".

If you've decided to collect the Iron Man armors, the Model 30 isn't a bad place to start.

Well, you remember what Iron Man said in the movie: "We've got the Hulk". And we do . . .

Bowen Designs The Incredible Hulk Painted Statue Savage Version

The Hulk has been interpreted a number of times by many different artists. I'm not talking about the Red Hulk or Mr. Fixit (the second gray Hulk). I'm talking about Bruce Banner, the Green Hulk. Given that, this sculpture by Bowen is simply outstanding.

Looking at the Hulk's place as Marvel's most powerful character save Thor (the Donald Blake Thor), this statue certainly emanates raw physical strength. Considering that the Hulk is estimated to be around seven feet tall, that height - together with the bulk shown in this statue - certainly makes for an awesomely formidable character.

Outside of his physicality, the Hulk persona is also prone to a lot of symbolism. Some say the Hulk symbolizes anger, some say passion. You might have heard of Bruce Banner's backstory were Bruce was abused as a child and his anger at this abuse - together with the Gamma radiation - manifests itself as the usually enraged Hulk.

Hero or symbol, the Hulk has lots of fans. And if you're one of them, I don't have to tell you how good this 15-inch statue is - just look at it.

I want it!

From boiling rage to stoic heroism, it's hard to get more classic than Captain America.

Ultimate Captain America Variant Bowen Designs Exclusive Statue

In the pages of Daredevil Born Again, Matt used his keen senses to "take a closer look" at Captain America. Daredevil - no slouch himself - quickly ascertained that Captain America was physically superior. That was great but here's the grandaddy of them all: In the pages of JLA/Avengers the fight between Batman and Captain America was stopped, but not before the Caped Crusader acknowledged (to himself only) that he (Batman) was before a superior fighter. There's more, in Civil War, Spider-Man had the only fight he ever had with Captain America and Peter Parker commented with awe that the way Captain America fought it seemed that his many moves were all "just one move" - showing the fluidity and expertise of Steve Roger's fighting technique.

The more comics I read the more I'm convinced that Captain America (Steve Rogers) is the best hand-to-hand fighter in both the Marvel and DC universes. Considering that the field includes Batman, Wolverine, Deathstroke, and Nightwing, that's saying something.

This iconic hero is one of Marvel's oldest. Making up the 1940's Timely triumvirate of himself, the original Human Torch and Namor, the Submariner - also known as the Invaders.

Although his recent attack of "old age" has definitely made Steve Rogers moodier and more temperamental than usual, the "young" Captain America always exemplified all the virtues of baby boomer America (compassion, fair play, determination) and none of the flaws (afraid to display emotion, racism, arrogance).

He's a symbol, yes, but he's also a legendary hero who's stories, I think, will be told as long as Marvel stands. If you believe in the Captain how about putting him on your shelf?

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