Bowen Hulk Statue

Bowen Designs The Incredible Hulk Painted Statue Savage Version

The Hulk has been interpreted many different times by many different artists. I'm not talking about the Red Hulk or Mr. Fixit (the second gray Hulk). I'm talking about the classic Green Hulk. Given that, this sculpture by Bowen is simply outstanding.

Looking at the Hulk's place as Marvel's most powerful character save Thor (the Donald Blake Thor), this statue certainly emanates raw physical strength. Considering that the Hulk is estimated to be around seven feet tall, that height - together with the bulk shown in this statue - certainly makes for an awesomely formidable character.

Outside of his role as a character, the Hulk persona is also prone to a lot of symbolism. Some say the Hulk symbolizes anger, some say passion. You might have heard of Bruce Banner's backstory were Bruce was abused as a child and his anger at this abuse - together with the Gamma radiation - manifests itself as the Hulk.

Hero or symbol, the Hulk has lots of fans. And if you're one of them, I don't have to tell you how good this 15-inch statue is - just look at it.

I want it!

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