Bowen Iron Man Statue

Bowen Designs Iron Man Extremis Armor Statue

This foot-tall statue by Bowen Designs features the Extremis Armor, also known as Model 30. Note the comparartively sleeker design. This must be the sleekest Iron Man armor since the Mark II. The Extremis Armor is directly linked with Tony's mind and nervous system. With the exception of the Bleeding Edge Armor (Model 31), the Extremis is the closest Tony has come to being an actual cyborg.

The Extremis Armor can be mentally "summoned" by Tony to assemble itself around him automatically. A wonderful visual effect that has been shown in both film and in comicbooks. The Extremis also links Tony to external networks and data sources in an unprecedented scale, making the armor the hub of a vast computer network.

If you like Iron Man then you must also be a big fan of technology. Apart from being a Marvel superhero that can take us on all sorts of adventures, Iron Man is also a symbol of man's ability to harness technology and of a belief that the ability to use technology is ultimately beneficial to mankind.

If you've decided to collect the Iron Man armors, the Model 30 isn't a bad place to start.

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