Bowen Statues

Bowen Designs offers a wide range of limited edition Marvel statues. These are collector quality pieces, extremely detailed, surprisingly big and heavy. Whether you want to start a collection or simply want one copy of your favorite character on your shelf, you should consider a Bowen.

One thing you won't get when you purchase a Bowen is criticism about being the "boy (or girl) who never grew up". Anyone looking at these statues will realize that these pieces are pricey, serious sculptures - they're a great way to announce just how serious you are about collecting. Even just one piece will definitely add "street cred" and respectability to your hobby.

Bottom line, these statues are simply beautiful, carefully sculpted and painted pieces worthy of being handed down to the next generation, much like porcelain and china have been collected and handed down over the years.

Bowen Designs take their cue from both the Marvel Comics Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe so you can get characters from ALL of Marvel. You want a "classic" rendition of the character or a specific design from a movie or trade paperback? There 's a Bowen for you.

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