Bowen Thanos Sculpture

Bowen Designs Thanos Statue (Museum Version)

As evidenced by the epic Infinity Guantlet and Infinity Crusade stories, Tnanos is the kind of character that can very well be the center of a Marvel event. Even if he's not front-and-center of a tale, like in Annihilation, Thanos gives the impression that he can take over at any moment.

Thanos was born as one of the Celestial-enhanced Eternals of Titan. His mean streak might or might not have to do with the fact that he looks more Deviant than Eternal. In any case, natural and synthetic enhancements have given Thanos cosmic-level powers.

Thanos is also the most prominent character in comics with a death obssession - making him even more dangerous since he sometimes seems eager to die (why he just doesn't "off himself" is beyond me.

In any case, Thanos is one of those Marvel bad guys - like Doctor Doom and Venom - that has a substantial number of people cheering for them.

Why do people like Thanos? For one thing, Thanos isn't really evil. He's more amoral than evil. If you read him closely enough you'll notice that he adheres to his own private code of honor. Thanos is also a totem for power - in this sense, in the Marvel Universe, he is second only to Doctor Doom. Through his pursuit of the Infinity Gems and because of his worship of Lady Death, Thanos is the original pursuer of the title "Master of the Universe". That title used to be a lot more of a big deal in the "old days" - in today's multiversal Marvel wanting to be master of just one universe seems strangely modest. Another thing about Thanos is he is absolutely relentless - he just keeps getting up. I've always admired that even when he's having a bad time of it he's still grinning like it was his birthday - what can I say? He's the villain you love to hate.

You might even like him enough to put on the shelf. This limited edition, handpainted statue is 15 inches tall and is a totem for power, toughness and individuality. So come and get it, oh master of the universe.

I want it!

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