Bowen Thor Statue

Bowen Designs The Mighty Thor Painted Statue - (Classic Action Version)

It now seems likely that the mantle of Thor in the Marvel universe will have many holders going forward. That is all to the good in terms of keeping the stories fresh and interesting and showing readers new perspectives regarding the God of Thunder.

For decades we knew Thor to be Thor Odinson, son of Odin and Gaea, whose mortal guise was Dr. Donald Blake. Unique among Marvel's heroes Thor wasn't really Dr. Blake who took up a "masked" identity as Thor; he was Thor and the Dr. Blake persona was the "masked" identity.

This statue pays tribute to the "classic" Thor. The Thor of Journey Into Mystery, The Mighty Thor, The Avengers and the current Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel's Thor is a the product of two things. First is the Norse Myths and Stan Lee. With the Norse legends as a foundation, Stan (the Man) weaved the story of the proud son of Odin into the Marvel Universe. Out was the rough Viking mein and in was the colorful - and now iconic - costume. Gone was the bloody handed warrior god, Marvel's Thor is a guardian and protector, violent, yes, but never a killer. The second source of Marvel's Thor is the legendary Jack Kirby. Jack Kirby will forever influence Thor - not only the design of the character himself but the design of Thor's world - the people (gods) and places.

This Thor statue is by far the best rendition of the Thunder God in sculpture. Designed by Randy Bowen himself, it is Thor as we like him - whirling enchanted Mjolnir, calling forth the heavens itself, the God of Thunder at the height of his powers!

I want it!

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