Bowen Wolverine Sculpture

12" Wolverine Brown Costume Museum Statue

Wolverine will forever be remembered as the guy who did what had to be done in order to prevent the Hellfire Club's ultimate triumph against the X-Men. He has since become the poster boy for necessary ruthlessness for the greater good (witness his assassination of Hank Pym in the pages of Age of Ultron for example).

Aside from his evident symbolism, Wolverine packs quite the powerset: adamantium laced bones, healing factor so strong it basically resurrects him from the dead, and those claws, those magnificent razor-sharp adamantium claws that have since become iconic.

This statue shows him in his second "brown style" costume, as opposed to the yellow one he was introduced in within the pages of Hulk 181 - and to which he later returned.

This foot-tall sculpture is a limited edition hand-painted tribute to one of the most popular "modern" comics characters (the other set being "classic" characters of the older Marvel mold like Spider-Man, the Hulk and others).

If you've always admired the fighting spirit, uncompromising practicality and core goodness of Canada's best hero, here's your chance to have him on your shelf.

I want it!

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