Conan the Barbarian 50

Sorcerous deeds and two gorgeous women, what more can we ask for?

What's in this? Hmmm. Let's see. John Buscema art. Those are three of the best words one can utter about a Conan comic book. Have you ever seen a piece of art and knew that the person who did it just had the knack for drawing? That's John Buscema's art.' It flows; it seems so effortless, but boy, is it nice to see! First the women. Stefanya and Samandra -specially Samandra. Then look at the background. In particular there is a panel showing Samandra's hut in the moonlight. Just magic. I repeat : John Buscema art is in here.

This story is fueled by flashbacks to past history. It's about betrayal and witchcraft. We also see the usurper thrown down and perishing, a victim of as foul a deed as he has done on his predecessor - double backstabbing Hyborian style.

What's missing? Oh yes, the action! This begins with Conan hewing at yet another gigantic monster. It would be formulaic except the monster gets taken out by a third beast (actually a whole embankment of carnivorous plants). Not the usual monster fight.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 17, 2012

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