Conan the Barbarian 51

Damn the comics code authority! The girls are gorgeous!

The most interesting character here is a king named Unos. Unos is pretty unique; he's a full-blooded demon - though he looks human enough. The son of demons Belthamquar and Thelonia. Both these dark forces also make a brief appearance, but no matter, brief though it is, writer Roy Thomas manages to insert a lot of demon lore and relationships in the dialogue further deepening and enriching the tale.

I feel for Conan in this issue because its cover to cover sorcery and Conan hates sorcery! As expected he comes out of it girl in hand. Girl being Stefanya. Samandra, alas, beauteous Samandra doesn't make it out alive. This is the concluding tale of the story arc.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 17, 2012

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