Conan the Barbarian 53

Conan the Undercover Agent

Conan is his age's best fighter and I'm surprised that he was actually a good King. Evidently, he can do a lot of things well. This issue will introduce you to something that he just sucks at : going undercover.

That's right a 6'5" tall Cimmerian built like a bulldozer goes undercover. The whole key here is that he must not maintain the semblance of a beggar while being insulted by three bully boys. You just know this will end badly, well, not badly - in a big awesome fight. The three bully boys are quite interesting too. Three brothers - the first is a hunchback with a helmet grafted to his head, the other has s metal foot with 'switchblade' mechanism, and the most dangerous has an axe for a hand. Ok, they're corny. They're corny, but Conan's fight with the axe brother is solidly entertaining.

In the meantime, a huge shadow creature is getting bigger and bigger, this beast is from the last issue and helps to tie the issues of the story arc together.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 23, 2012

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