Conan the Barbarian 54

Sliding slowly into the supernatural

I love the tale from this issue which branches out from the main "God in the Crypt" story arc from issues 52 to 55.

In it, Conan, the acrobat (or early parkour practitioner) Tara of Hanumar and her "boyfriend", journey to an Oracle. A deadly Oracle guarded by a warrior bigger than even Conan. It's all very "normal" - swords, fights, threats. Things you would expect when you see the word "Barbarian" in the cover. But slowly, as Conan and company nears the Oracle, things take on a subtly supernatural turn until towards the end we've got Conan in the grips of the unknown. Including a harrowing struggle against an invisible wall that threatens to trap our favorite barbarian forever. The pacing is very good in what is essentially a done-in-one inside a story arc. The best issue yet in the arc.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 23, 2012

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