Conan the Barbarian 57

What would Conan the Cimmerian think of the legal system?

Conan, Tara and whats-his-name waltzes in to Argos, the most seaward looking of the Hyborian Realms. It's amusing to see Conan's disappointment at the recent signing of a peace treaty. No war means no need for soldiers and no employment for Conan, who, by his own admission doesn't want to go back to thievery. I always thought Conan was fine with stealing but now it occurs to me that one sign of his increasing wisdom is he's increasingly turning his back on lawless ways - something he was very comfortable with during his teen years right out of Cimmeria.

There's action here and Conan does end up in chains just like in the cover but the highlight is the court scene where Conan is absolutely baffled by so-called civilized legal proceedings. You are all mad, says the Cimmerian, before he unleashes himself on the court bailiffs and the judge. Seeing it from his logical view, there is a certain madness in law proceedings.

For those of you expecting Buscema art, big John takes a rest this issue and Mike Ploog takes over. Ploog art is clean but the strokes are a lot less dynamic and substantially more uncertain than Buscema's. Hardly bad, but I'm glad Buscema is back next issue.

Posted by  Pete Albano - February 5, 2012

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