Conan the Barbarian 58

Last call for the Black Coast cruise!

The arrival of Belit this issue is significant (this issue also helpfully gives a pronunciation guide - Bay-Lit). I know Conan eventually ended up with Zenobia, but I consider Belit, Conan's great love, they had a long passionate romance that would end with Belit's death, but those sad times are far away. This is the start, the seas so clear, the sky so blue, Conan is Amra and Belit, Goddess and She-Pirate, nay, Queen, of the Black Coasts.

The rugged, death-right-beside life of pirates is illustrated here. From Argos, Conan sails with a likeable sea captain and merchant who will eventually be slain by Belit and her corsairs. Conan too was about to die had not Belit took a liking to him. It's truly a barbaric life, easily lost and lived with the sword. Sand, tropic breezes, vast blue seas and pirates. Get on board!

Posted by  Pete Albano - February 5, 2012

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