Strange Tales 111

Class is in session

Once again Dr. Strange gets five pages in Human Torch's comic book. I don't know if the idea is for Strange to benefit from the Torch's popularity or Lee and Ditko thought up the Doctor to help Johnny's flagging sales.

In this second instalment of Dr. Strange yet another component is added to a barely visible backstory : Baron Mordo. Every hero needs a villain and for Dr. Strange it's a classmate. Yup. Isn't' it great that in order to be a student of the mystic arts you have to be old? Ok, it's not a requirement but this two are not young anymore. I think it makes perfect sense. Maybe more patience is needed. Maybe more knowledge of life. No teens or young adults. Strange has had a medical career and Mordo is no spring chicken. Well, to the Ancient One, these two must look like babies.

We don't have the fancy spells yet but astral projection is all the rage in this storyline.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 17, 2012

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