Strange Tales 114

Mordo vs. Strange Round 2

It's worth noting that the Dr. Strange instalments in Strange Tales has skipped two issues. The last issue was 111. It's only guesswork on my part but I think that Lee and Ditko were waiting for fan feedback before they went ahead. I think at this time Marvel was using DC's distribution arm and Marvel was limited to only a handful of books. That's why they had double offerings per issue on some issues.

Anyway, it looks like Mordo is pretty popular because he's back in this issue. Also, here is the less popular Victoria Bentley. Maybe if Clea never came into the scene it would be Victoria by Strange's side.

What do we have here by way of spells? Let's see. Mental projection and an astral battle. More significant is Dr. Strange's attitude when the Ancient One tries to help him. He insists on going it alone; to earn the title of Master of the Mystic Arts.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 17, 2012

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