Strange Tales 115

The Origin of Dr. Strange

As you can see below, still no sign on the cover that there's a Dr. Strange story inside. But. Surprise! Surprise! We have eight, count it, eight, pages of Dr. Strange, not the usual five. Signs of slightly increasing popularity.

If you're still not convinced then the story should convince you. It's "The Origin of Dr. Strange". Lee and Ditko are establishing the character.

Of course everybody knows this origin right? Let's just look at some finer points. Hmmm. I'm surprised to see that Dr. Strange did not want to study the mystic arts. Then why the heck did he trek all those snowy miles to the Himalayas? The obvious answer is simple desperation. He was so affected by the lost of his surgical skill that he just had to make the trip only to find out upon arrival that, man of science that he is, this magical lunacy didn't go down well with him. But fate will have what it wants and the Dr. is quickly caught up in Mordo's plot to kill the ancient one. You'll note that as early as this time Mordo is praying to the dread Dormammu. You'll also note that Mordo has got a significant head start over Strange in terms of magical studies and training.

I'm looking for the turning point. What finally compelled Strange to become the Ancient One's pupil? He says its so he could fight Mordo. I think what Strange found in that remote Himalayan retreat was purpose. Something to do; something to focus on again besides being depressed at the lost of a career he could no longer get on with. Strange found meaning again, he had a challenge again - it made him feel alive.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 17, 2012

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