Strange Tales 116

Of shadowy rooms and nightmare worlds

Now there it is. An open acknowledgement from Stan Lee that Dr. Strange is a success together with more pages and the promise of an exciting new story. Lee and Ditko have a winner.

Nightmare was the first Dr. Strange villain, featured in Strange Tales 110 and now he's back. It's fascinating to see Ditko's early rendition of Nightmare's world and you know who Nightmare reminds me of? Morpheus that's who. The Sandman. Was Sam Keith channelling Nightmare when he did Sandman 1?

Ditko did the inside of Dr. Strange's Greenwich Village house just right - cluttered and shadowy, perfect atmosphere for the tale.

Also making its first appearance is the Book of the Vishanti, and together with the book, one of my favorite aspects of Dr. Strange : that knowledge is power and that the mystic arts is a discipline that takes serious study. I love books and I like the rigors and rewards entailed by a structured approach to ones craft.

No fancy spells yet just a very dangerous adventure in Nightmare's realm.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 17, 2012

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