Fantastic Four 221

Reed Richards on how to figure out a starcraft in ten minutes

I have great memories of this comic from childhood so that will color my commentary a bit.

Years later, when Wade and Weiringo, that legendary team, were casting about trying to "boil down" the FF to its roots, they will present them much as this John Byrne story is presenting them. As science explorers. I've always viewed the FF as perfected "Challengers of the Unknown" types.

This tale is the concluding tale of a two part story arc and it will take you to the Arctic, introduce you to alien technology and some very formidable alien bodyguards. The ending couldn't be better as the FF work out a win-win for everyone involved with Mr. Fantastic showing that he is the smartest man in the Marvel universe.

Posted by  Pete Albano - February 5, 2012

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