Fantastic Four 232

The four elements vs. the four elements - my money is on the pile of orange rocks

There's lots to like in issue 232.

John Byrne's art equals the power and detail level of George Perez. I just enjoy each and every panel. I specially like the way Diablo is drawn.

This issue, the FF, whom I've always taken to be avatars of the four classical elements are pitted against elementals typifying the four classical elements. Entertaining to watch, specially the Thing. How the FF manages to beat this guys is just so clever. I'm specially happy about Johnny, whom I've always considered a poor shadow of the original Human Torch.

For those of you who want a story to "stay within the covers" well, you'll be happy with this one. It begins at the beginning of the issue and ends with the last page - all that and a cameo by Dr. Strange too.

Posted by  Pete Albano - February 5, 2012

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