Marvel Team-Up 63-64

A Bit Of Iron Fist History

There was a time when I heard and read how good Immortal Iron Fist was and I managed to get myself one, just one, copy, from the series. It wasn't the start or the end of the arc; I dove into it and got thoroughly confused. So much history involving K'un-L'un (modeled after Shangri-La from The Lost Horizon), the Iron Fist and Immortal Weapons and such. Imagine my surprise when I picked up Marvel Team-Up and found a backgrounder on all that Iron Fist history. Someday I'll be reading the complete Immortal Iron Fist and I just know I'll be dipping into Marvel Team-Up 63 (and 64) to get my Iron Fist history straight.

That was a happy surprise. What wasn't a surprise is the excellent John Byrne art. As you can see in the panel below it's very good - beautiful martial arts action all over these two issues.

Can't let a great babeshot pass by. Misty Knight really caught my eye in this issue.

Did I forget anything? Oh yes! Spider-Man. The wall-crawler is around, on the edges of this tale, sometimes right through the middle, but this is an Iron Fist tale really. Byrne does a wonderful Spider-Man - I particularly like the shot when he gets thrown in an alley, bounces off the walls and lands on his feet. Spider-Man, not Byrne.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 1, 2012

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