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Read A Breakdown, You Might Enjoy It

I have succumbed to the stereotype of calling these articles reviews. They're really not. First of all, reviews try to avoid spoilers. I don't. In fact, I highlight everything I like about a story, showing the panels when necessary. The point of it all is to get across why I like the comic. I was in the dark as to what this kind of approach is called until a reader very helpfully referred to them as "breakdowns". Perfect. That's exactly what I do here I break down the comicbook. You get to see the most interesting and exciting parts as I go through the whole. Not quite like reading the comic yourself, but almost, and it does have its advantages. . .

A Faster Way To Read Comics

If you've seen the list you'll note that you could have an entire run in front of you - just click on a list item and you get the breakdown. More than that, you'll find that reading a breakdown is much faster than reading the comic itself - and you get the most important parts of the comicbook too. Once again, it's not like reading the comicbook but if you want to know about all the goings on in, say, Marvel's Civil War for example, you'll find that you can get the main plot points and interesting highlights a fraction of the time it takes than going through all the Civil War comics - and it's free.

Discover Comics New and Old

Off the top of my head I can name some series like, oh, Annihilation or the original Secret Wars, that some people might have missed. Maybe because these comics were published too far back or simply because there are so much material to wade through out there. I'm sure that you know good comics that I don't and I know good comics that you aren't aware of but would be glad to discover. Great! Because this is the key to my collection. Take a look at my list and discover a lost treasure you'd be glad to read.

Reading With Someone Makes Reading More Interesting

I have created articles on comics that I would love to read myself. When you go through my breakdowns you hear my voice, my opinions, as you read. It's almost like we're reading together. There is something unexplainably satisfying in going through comics (or any material for that matter) while getting the feedback of a fellow fan. It just adds another dimension when compared to reading by yourself.

I know you've come here looking for some free Marvel comics to read, but these breakdown articles might prove just as satisfying.

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