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Amazing Spider-Man #45
Spidey Smashes Out

"Spidey Smashes Out"? What a disconnected title, doesn't describe the contents at all. Thankfully, we have the cover . This issue concludes a story arc involving the Lizard. Here he is.

the lizard comes in from a 

I've always liked the Lizard. He's very visually striking, and there's something very right about him clambering around in a lab coat, and, as you can see, all green monsters, villain or otherwise, are required to wear purple pants. Power levels are just right for Spider-Man too.

The funny thing about the Lizard is that he is Dr. Curt Connors turned into a human-lizard hybrid. But the Lizard doesn't know that. The Lizard thinks that he has been evolved from a normal reptile into a a human-lizard. He actually thinks Dr. Curt Connors is a totally different person.

So the Lizard breaks into Connors' lab and sits down and he's looking like this.

the lizard reading a book

I'm like: Wow, he inherited Dr. Connors' intelligence.


the lizard wrecking dr.
					connors' lab

Turns out the Lizard doesn't understand all the science stuff, and - taking a page from high-strung kids with tough homeworks - begins to throw a fit. And no, my dear Lizard, you're superhuman strength can't take the place of smarts.

Since the Lizard thinks he's evolved from reptiles he intends to evolve other reptiles to his level. Purportedly to take over mankind. What he really wants is to evolve a hot lizard lady to get it on with.

And here's the main event.

spider-man vs. the lizard

The Lizard managed to damage Peter's arm last issue so the Spider is fighting one-handed. To make things worst, Lizard's tail (and, therefore, Lizard) is too fast for Spider-Man's spider-sense - at least in this particular struggle it was.

the spider-man hits the lizard with his 

Strength. Toughness. Speed. The Lizard has other resources.

the lizard commanding reptiles to 
					attack spider-man

He can command lesser reptiles. Hmmm. I wonder. If somebody came up with a storyline that has the Lizard wandering the Savage Land. Would he become Lord of the Dinosaurs? How about Stegron ? Can the Lizard control Stegron?

peter parker works in a lab as 

In this story the Lizard reached the end of his brain power and resorted to brawn. In contrast, the whole "Lizard problem" cannot be solved by strength, not even Spider-strength. It is a mind keen enough to invent the miraculous web shooters that is called for - the keen intellect of Peter Parker is employed to create an antidote to the disease known as "Lizard". Notice the erroneous "Scorpion" reference in the first panel? Should have been "Lizard".

spider-man, curt connors and

The battle between Spider-Man and Lizard, as well as the happy aftermath of Peter creating a cure, is the meat of the story, but not all - other aspects of this issue are worth looking into.

First of all, the matter of Peter needing to have his arm on a sling. Because of this we find Spider-Man usually using a web bridge instead of a webline.

spider-man on a web bridge

The sling presents another problem - the secret identity angle. Ergo, Spiderman has a sling, therefore, Peter + sling = Spider-Man. I think its very plausible, but apparently writer Stan Lee doesn't, as the connection between the sling and Peter Parker and Spider-Man isn't made by anybody in the issue.

By the way, Peter is a High Schooler no more. he's began going to the Empire State University.

Also in this issue. Peter is ranting about his being Spider-Man.

peter complaining about being

Let me tell you why you do it Mr. Parker. Because it - for want of a better word - is amazing. Being Spider-Man ended your lonely, wallflower, butt-of-the-joke, victimized days. And there's nothing like swinging through the city. Being that strong, being that agile. If I was Spider-Man, and as a consequence, my life would be messed up, that would be worth it. I notice that I'm not Spider-Man right now and my life is messed up anyway.

Next up is the art. It is by John Romita and there are panels worth showing. Let's begin with John Romita Sr's stunning MJ.


Then let's go to a well-drawn location scene. Yes, its a sewer.

spider-man in a sewer

But a very moodily drawn sewer.

Last sample is Romita's Spider-Man. It's not a big battle panel, its one of the smaller, "quieter" panels.

spider-man hangs around

That pose, and the webs trailing upwards from all around him. Just beautiful.

This issue also plays around with dialogue balloons. In some sections, it uses too much of them.

too many dialogue boxes

Then it gives us a panel with totally blank balloons.

blank dialogues

How'd you like that?

Solid issue. It's really hard to go wrong with the enigmatic Lizard, the clean, creative Romita art is also a plus.

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