Posted - July 12, 2014 | Updated : August 26, 2015

Amazing Spider-Man #98
The Goblin's Last Gasp

The centerpiece is the battle between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin viewed through the beautiful linework of one Gil Kane .

The Goblin is one of only a handful of top-tier Marvel villains. By issue 98 of Amazing he's had quite a lot of appearances, and will have many more, much more. Writers have had ample opportunity to flesh out Norman Osborn and his insane alter ego. Here, Stan Lee gives us a ringside seat on the internal struggle that's going on when Peter Parker confronts the Goblin with a person that he, initially, doesn't recognize - his own son, Harry

green goblin flies off

He'll be back.

Harry, incidentally, has been struck down by drug use, so part of this comic is devoted to an anti-drug message of sorts. When the plot swings towards a confrontation between Peter Parker and some thugs, its an opportunity for a closer glimpse, and appreciation, of Spider-Man's power.

peter parker takes on a thug

Placing spider powers beside the brutality of a street thug provides a lesson in relativity. Namely, Spider-speed can effortlessly swat away a hastily drawn gun - and Peter claims he's still holding back while doing that!

Before we get to the Green Goblin/Spider-Man battle, lets view two great panels from Gil Kane. The first involves plain, old, Peter Parker.

peter parker jumping over a 

Well, maybe not so plain. Gil Kane renders a close up view of this monumental building, making it appear truly barrier-like. The "speed lines" show just how Peter goes over what seems to be an impassable obstacle. A great showcase of his lower body strength.

Next up is Gil Kane's swinging Spider-Man.

spider-man swinging

The hunched pose gives the impresson that Spider-Man is "leaning" on his webline for a harder swing. The movement is towards the center of the panel where the reader gets a view of the New York skyline from the top down. Very nice panel.

And now, the battle begins as the Goblin launches an attack.

spider-man being attacked

Here's a great angle of Spider-Man as he dodges a glue bomb.

spider-man dodges a green 
					goblin glue bomb

Stun bombs follow then comes a very smoky "special" bomb.

spider-man under heavy attack
					by the green goblin

The smokey bomb negates Peter's ability to cling to walls. Even so, Spider-Man's agility is still something to see.

spider-man swings around
					a flagpole and over a rooftop

Here's a good shot of the Goblin.

green goblin on his flyer

The Green Goblin has become so ubiquitous that sometimes I'm looking straight at him but I don't see him. I do recall the first time I saw the Green Goblin. I was struck by the Gothic theme he had going with his costume, equipment, and glider. I was delighted because he looked like he stepped right out of a medieval tale. It is so appealing that it was adopted by the Goblin's successor .The glider would have ruined the theme because of its high-tech nature but the stylized bat motif really goes with the Goblin costume. And the smoke, the white smoke coming out of the Goblin Glider forming a trail in the air as the Goblin flies around? That's pre-Industrial Revolution styling - absolutely brilliant! Gil Kane could have done a better rendition of the smoke in this panel though - looks too sketchy.

So how does it all end? Like this.

spider-man catches the
					green goblin

Well, you know, the action ended that way but the story ends with Norman Osborn restored to a tenuous peace. The madness of being the Goblin having been broken by the site of a stricken Harry.

One last thing before we go: Gwen Stacy. Gwen is in London.

gwen in london

But she goes home to Peter because she misses him so much.

peter parker and gwen stacy

All sweetness and light! But later on, this whole "missing you from London" fluff will be retconned by J. Michael Straczynski. Are you ready? Gwen went to London because she's pregnant with twins from her torrid affair with Norman Osborn. Oh man, how wild is that?

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