Posted - July 5, 2014 | Updated : August 26, 2015

Amazing Spider-Man 134
Danger Is A Man Named Tarantula

Ever since I saw him in the first issue of Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man Tarantula has been the villain I love to hate.

tarantula and cohorts

Codname: Tarantula. Super-power: Pointy shoes. I mean, really. Pointy shoes!?

In this issue Tarantula manages to hit Spidey once.

tarantula hits spider-man

Then a second time.

tarantula hits spider-man

This is bullshit! Spider-Man has spider reflexes! Spider-Man can dodge bullets. Two hits! No way. Absolutely no way.

I like it when Spider-Man runs into believable problems like running out of web fluid.

spider-man is running out
					of web fluid

Peter acts so nonchalant about the Bugle's constant barrage of negative coverage. Here's how he really feels about it.

peter parker rummages 
					through his apartment

It's only a couple of panels but something big happens this issue.

harry finds out peter is


Ross Andru is the artist and he comes up with a Spidey panel I haven't encountered before - the angle is directly atop the Webslinger.

overhead view of a swinging

Tarantula has brought a couple of henchmen, one of which gets entangled in his own bola in this beautiful set of panels from Ross Andru

a bola weilding foe gets felled
					by his own weapon

In the end, Tarantula is overcome by the Spider.

spide-man punches tarantula

Tarantula's barbs are drugged so Spidey collapses and who should arrive at the very last panel of this issue? Frank Castle.

punisher standing over

Look at Tarantula's men behind the Punisher. Is Tarantula and his group in cahoots with the Punisher? Frank Castle throw in with the criminal element? It can't be. We're left guessing until next issue.

You know what? I'm being unfair about Tarantula. Batroc doesn't have any power but I like him. Daredevil has no power but I don't complain when he manages to hit Spider-Man. It's not Tarantula per se, it's those damned pointy shoes!

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