Posted - July 8, 2014 | Updated : August 26, 2015

Amazing Spider-Man #182
The Rocket Racer's Back In Town

When I first saw Tarantula and his spiked shoes I called them "pointy shoes" and from then on Tarantula would only receive grief from me. Now here comes Rocket Racer and his motorized skateboard that can skate up the sides of buildings and I'm like "That is so cool". I can very well imagine somebody else who is the exact opposite, considering the skateboard the height of cheese and the spiked boots to be proper super-villain gear. It's all just a matter of taste. That said, Rocket Racer has hardly any panels worth showing in this issue. Aside from one I'll show later, there's this one.

rocket racer racing up the side
					of a wall

It's part of the splash page and I like it because it shows RR skating on the side of a building.

Ross Andru is the artist and I like how smoothly he illustrates this sequence of Spider-Man dodging a subway train.

spider-man dodging a subway

I like this one even better. The subway crowd reacting to their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man riding inside the train for a change.

spider-man sitting in a subway

So what's the Racer like? For one thing, greed takes the better of him in this issue.

rocket racer getting greedy

To be fair, Rocket Racer is shown nervously pacing a hospital floor in a later scene, so all these greed might be caused by a medical emergency. It might. Aside from that brief hospital peek, the issue has nothing more to say on the matter.

Around this time too, J. Jonah Jameson has just met Marla Madison, the future Mrs. Jameson. Jonah is quite smitten.

peter and glory
					grant out outside j. jonah jameson's office

Here's the other Rocket Racer panel I like, this one showing a bit more of what that skateboard - said to be modified by the Tinkerer - can do. Now if you happen to know the Tinkerer here's something for you .

rocket racer jumps
					over a police car

Something's wrong.

the spider web snaps

The web's getting "progressively weaker"? Seems like new writer Marv Wolfman is planting seeds for a future storyline.

Artistically, I'm not too crazy about this panel but it does show off Rocket Racer's "rocket punch".

rocket racer's rocket punch

Issue 182 ends with a surprising marriage proposal

peter parker proposes to
					mary jane watson

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