Posted - July 3, 2014 | Updated : August 26, 2015

Amazing Spider-Man 275
The Choice and the Challenge

Artist Ron Frenz does a great Hobgoblin. I'm going to show several panels, here's the first one:

hobgoblin by ron frenz

The Hobgoblin has a brand new anti-Spider-Man weapon. Here he is activating it via a chest trigger.

hobgoblin's new barrage

It's a bit hard to see but the blasts are coming from his finger blasters.

And the Hobgoblin is revealed to be financed by, and in league with, the mysterious Rose.

the rose sponsor's hobgoblin

Wow. Just look at this panel of Peter and MJ.

peter and mj

Wonderful delicate linework by Ron Frenz. I appreciate the detail work on Peter's sweater.

There's a lot of Peter Parker in this issue, including these three panels:

peter the drama queen

A bit over the top isn't it? MJ never asking his origin should NOT be a big issue with Peter. Even if it was, it shouldn't be THIS big an issue. This little sequence had to be included because this issue segues into the Spider-Man origin. We're not talking about a page or so spent on the origin - the entire Amazing Fantasy #15 has been reprinted here. I actually think that's a great decision. It's been 275 issues since Amazing Fantasy, the original issue is a rare collector's item and Masterworks won't come out until 1992 (this is circa 1986). So this is a good time to recount the origin for newer fans. We won't go into the origin issue anymore, just know there is a big reprint right in the middle of Amazing Spider-Man #275 making it into a 37-page giant.

Location panels! Well done location panels are a secret treat for me. Here's one from Ron Frenz.

side of a building through
					the branches

And another great Hobgoblin panel.


Finally! It's on: Hobgoblin vs. Spider-Man

spider-man vs. hobgoblin

Let's see, in the lower half of the panel, the guy closest to us with black hair is writer Tom DeFalco, the blond guy to the left is artist Ron Frenz? Not sure. The black guy is Editor Jim Owsley a.k.a. Christopher J. Priest.

Great finger blaster / web shield sequence.

finger blasters and 
					web shields

A third goblin panel from Frenz.


This one shows his glider in greater detail. The overall design of this Spidey villain is good enough to make this viable.

And now, let's see if Hobgoblin's barrage weapon will actually work as he expects.

spider-sense in action

A hit!

spider-sense gets hit

Great shock ending.

spider-man down

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