Posted - June 30, 2014 | Updated : August 26, 2015

Amazing Spider-Man 338

Beautiful splash page showing the Sinister Six by Erik Larsen.

splash page showing spider-man
					and the sinister six

Doctor Octopus.

doctor octopus in the lead

Otto Octavius is both the strategist and the technologist of the group - he's the core around which the other five revolve. He has to be. Hobgoblin's crazy, Mysterio is too self-involved, The Vulture is not sophisticated or ambitious enough (though he's still my favorite), Electro is too temperamental, and Sandman . . .

sandman wavers

. . . let's just say that if they had a yearbook Sandman is the one going to be voted "Most Likely Not Really Sinister".

Erik Larsen is the artist and his Red/Black Spidey is something to see.


Peter will never grow old. Correct? MJ will never grow old. Actually, nobody in the Spider-Man family will ever age. The stories will go on and on for each now generation. Aunt May has the distinction of being portrayed with a certain age range. Here she looks very old.

aunt may

Later issues will show her much younger than this.

A piece of granite is headed Peter's way.

peter dodges granite

His spider-sense saved him. Unfotunately, his spider-sense didn't kick in as it should when he put on that shirt.

Before we go see more Sinister Six here's a really great panel of MJ.

mj exercising

And now for some great Sinister Six panels:

Vulture and the Hobgoblin.

vulture and hobgoblin

Electro and Sandman.

electro and sandman

Mysterio and Doctor Octopus.

mysterio and doctor octopus

This panel shows us just how long Doc Ock's arms are.

the sinister six

The Sinister Six attacks.

the sinister six attacks

Great Vulture panel (as I said, he is my favorite).

vulture attacks spider-man

Spider-Man counterattacks

spider-man counterattack

Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus

spider-man vs. doctor octopus

Spider-Man vs. Mysterio

spider-man vs. mysterio

As expected, Sandman sides with Spidey.

sandman sides with spider-man

Unfortunately, Sandman gets turned to glass by Doc Ock.

It's all been fun and games until Doctor Octopus proves he's a real killer

doctor octopus proves himself
					a villain

The cover isn't that enticing but this is a soiid, fun, Sinister Six read sure to delight casual readers and fanboys alike.

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