Posted - July 1, 2014 | Updated : August 26, 2015

Amazing Spider-Man 356
Round Robin: The Sidekick's Revenge Part Four

Roll call:

spider-man, night thrasher
					moon knight, and the punisher

Night Thrasher, Spider-Man, Moon Knight, the Punisher. Nova has been captured by the bad guys. We won't see much of the Punisher this issue - he took same heavy hits previously and has to recover.

Night Thrasher is young and his blood is hot and it shows.

knight thasher disses on 
					moon knight

I would have wanted the next panel to be Night Thasher getting thrown out of the Moon Copter, you know, for laughs.

We come upon an organization called the Empire. They have a medical team doing cyborg enhancements on former Moon Knight sidekick Midnight. It's a brutal operation with no pain killers. The doctor comes off as cold and sadistic but here's the real surprise.

doctor thunderball

The doctor is Thunderball from the Wrecking Crew! He's a doctor!?

Continuing with the Empire's grisly activities we come upon a hapless Nova.

nova trapped by the empire

Normally I wouldn't show this, it's effectively a torture scene, but look at the machinery in the room. It's Mark Bagley doing Jack Kirby machinery.

Here's a great panel of Moon Knight's Moon Copter dodging an attack.

the moon copter dodging some ground

Frenchie at the controls.

Spider-Man, Night Thrasher, and Moon Knight go on th offensive.

spider-man, moon knight and 
					night thrasher attacks

Midnight looks good in costume. . .


. . . but he's been the recipient of brutal surgeries. Look at the eyes, they give an indication of just how much trauma Midnight has been through.

Night Thasher and Moon Knight may not like each other much but they are an effective assault team.

moon knight and night
					thrasher takes them on

Here's an example of the power play inside the Empire's upper levels.

midnight takes over
					the Empire

The blood on the wall behind Midnight is really"persuasive".

Midnight has just "broken his leash" and declares himself leader of Empire.

Midnight in action!

midnight attacks

He's extremely effective.

mignight takes out
					moon knight and night thrasher

Until he meets Spidey.

spidey stops midnight

Look at the fight sequence on this page. Smooth flow from one panel to another. Kudos to Mark Bagley

spider-man, midnight fight

Midnight's Cyborg enhancements are quite impressive. Not least is his ability to fly.

midnight flying

By the end of the issue, the Empire organization is on the run but they still have Nova.

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