Posted - June 25, 2014 | Updated : August 26, 2015

Amazing Spider-Man 410
Web of Carnage Part Two

The Clone Saga gets ever more complicated. Let's start with this panel.

ben, peter and a body

The one in the Spider suit is Ben Reilly and according to him he has always been Peter Parker. The Peter Parker in Amazing Fantasy #15 - that was him. The Peter Parker we know, the one being carried in this panel, is a clone. Or rather, was a clone. The body in the body bag Peter is carrying is said to be the real clone. Not Peter, I mean, not Peter/Peter - the other being Peter/Ben - who is the real Peter. See what I mean?

As we start getting into the issue it is revealed that Peter/Peter has lost his powers.

Now take a look at this.

skeleton with spider-man

The skeleton in the suit has a Spider-Man uniform.

The whole clone story is a bit entertaining - in a really confusing way. Sort of like an out-of-control roller coaster ride.

So here we have Carnage making a surprisingly heroic appearance.

carnage takes out a wife 

The guy he is beating on is a wife beater who was about to slap his wife around. Although Carnage's design is patterned after Spider-Man's, Carnage doesn't give the impression of speed and agility like Spidey, Carnage's signature vibe is a combination of bulk and an organic ickiness - perfectly captured by this .

Aside from the elaborate clone story, we get more of a traditional comic in the appearance of Carnage. What next? You ask? The storyline steals some tropes from Batman.


First Arkham Asylum becomes Ravencroft.

ravencroft institute

Then the Court of Owls becomes an NYC nightclub dedicated to super-villains where super-villain items are in-demand collectibles.

super-villain night club

It's Carnage vs. Spider-Man (Ben Reilly) this issue.

carnage fights spider-man

Look at this powerful punch!

spider-man punches carnage

Meanwhile, in the Bugle. Now that Peter's name isn't his, his super-hero identity isn't his, and he has no more powers. It's time to take his job. Jessica Carradine looks poised to be the new Spider-Man photographer for the Daily Bugle.

jessica new bugle photog

By the way. Let's not overlook the new Spider costume being sported by Reilly

new spider-man costume

One more, an excellent panel showing Carnage.

carnage attacks

The issue ends when Carnage manages to unite with Spider-Man

the union of carnage and 

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