Posted - June 26, 2014 | Updated : August 26, 2015

Amazing Spider-Man 414
Deadly Is Delilah

It's Amazing Spider-Man #414 and Ben Reilly is Spider-Man.

Looking at that cover I just noticed that the web shooters are in full display in this new costume. Nice touch. I always thought that Peter, before, was hiding the mechanical nature of his webs, keeping the shooters under the costume and all that.

So who is Delilah? She's a killer.

delilah stabs two thugs

An assassin to be more exact.

As the Clone Saga progressed, Peter has been losing everything piece by piece. He finds out he's a clone - losing his natural humanity. He's not Peter Parker, Ben is - losing his name. He's lost his Spider powers. The Bugle has hired another Spider-Man photographer - losing his job. I thought that was it, apparently not. Now Peter is dying!

peter parker is dying

I know about the "Parker Luck" but this is ridiculous. Oh wait, he's not a Parker. Damn!

Great shot of the new uniform.

new spider-man costume

Ben Reilly is surrounded by bitches.

Bitch #1

i'm a bitch

Bitch #2

i'm a bitch too

"You and every other male in the neighborhood". Well, shit!

Relief comes with another round of swinging.

spider-man over central park

The new costume is growing on me.

Here's Delilah in full costume.

delilah in full costume

Nice, but this is better .

This panel also shows a particular characteristic of this issue - fancy lettering. I'm not a big fan of that.

The most subtle panels in this issue deals with racism.

ben is confronted with an
					implicit accusation of racism

Before the issue ends, it is revealed that Delilah reports to the Rose.

delilah reports to the rose

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