Posted - June 26, 2014 | August 26, 2015

Amazing Spider-Man 417

I know this is a Spider-Man comic but this issue has me smitten with a member of the Host - the lady called Chakra.

chakra evades an attack

Just look at that move. There's more where that came from . . .

chakra fights back


After all the tension, we find Peter and Ben in a more relaxed setting.

peter and ben talking

Look. A beeper.

peter answers his beeper

Welcome to 1996.

Look at this panel

watercolor style

The colors. I don't know if Bob Sharen and Graphics Colorworks meant it, but this issue has a distinctly watercolor-like feel to the coloring.

A few issues back, Peter was in danger of losing everything - including his life. It's nice to know that he will retain the Peter Parker name and that his powers, though unreliable, seem to be coming back. It must be off at this point because he's forced to ride piggyback on Ben.

peter hitches a ride
					on ben reilly

I know Peter is Ben's clone but there is too much bromance on this panel. You know what would have been more interesting? If Peter was cloned from a girl - so Scarlet Spider would be a girl and this piggyback panel would be just fantastic. Just think about it. Missed opportunity. Even better, clone Peter from her . Oh yeah.

When they both finally catch up to Chakra, she gets another great panel.

chakra just standing around

She just looks good.

Ron Garney did a great job on the layout of this panel.

spider-man and chakra enter
					a gym

The title of the issue is "Secrets" and here's one of them: Scrier isn't an individual. Scrier is the name of an international organization much like Hydra or Aim. How does that explain the gigantic size and nearly god-like powers of Scrier in his appearances before this issue? I don't know. This is one clumsy retcon.

Peter goes into battle answering the question: What if Spidey decided to wear his costume AND his civvies?

peter fights in costume and in

An even more important question is: Why didn't he just wear the costume?

And that's the issue. Oh yeah, Judas Traveller was successfully freed by Chakra and they are both on the run fron the Host.

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