Posted - June 27, 2014 | Updated : August 26, 2015

Amazing Spider-Man 425
The Chump, The Challenger, and the Champion

The centerpiece of this double-sized issue is the fight between Spider-Man and Electro.

Electro's power has been enhanced by the mysterious New York crime lord, the Rose, to impressive levels. Witness the destruction of an entire armored car.

electro destroys an armored car

Steve Skroce is the artist. The black backdrop panel below is a great sample of his work (and, of course, so are all the other panels I'm going to showcase on this page).

spider-man with black background

I'm a big fan of location or setting panels. Skroce's solid, linear design on this one really caught my eye.

an apartment window

Tom DeFalco is the writer and maybe, just maybe, husband/wife relations were on his mind when he was doing this one. There are two panels that point to the dynamics of a husband/wife relationship. In particular, situations when the missus is not that happy with her man's focus on his job. The first example is Peter and MJ.

marriage of MJ and Peter

The next one is Joe and Martha Robertson

marriage of Martha and Joe

Unlike the portrayals of Peter Parker, tremendous artistic license has been taken with Max Dillon by different creative teams. These have resulted in great inconsistencies in both the look and the attitude of Electro across story arcs. So the question might be asked: How's Max Dillon in this issue?

Answer: He's deeply deranged.

the mind of electro

And, drumroll for the cliche please, lets blame it all on the abusive childhood.

electro's past

Do all abusive childhoods result in bad adulthoods? Is the reverse true? Everybody who had a decent childhood grows up ok? I doubt it. It's almost a law in comics its becoming a stupid read. I remember what the Doc Holiday character in the movie "Tombstone" said: "There's no normal life, there's just life. and the thing to do is live it - live it to the hilt". It is absolutely possible for the past to have no effect on you now. I'm being a jerk right now not because of my abusive childhood but because I'm simply having a bad day.

Who's magazine is this anyway? Oh yeah . . .

spider-man swinging

Delilah is back, this time as the Rose's bodyguard.


She looks great and it looks like fancy lettering is a Delilah signature. In the first panel, she's pulverizing a bowling ball on her head - a show of strength and toughness.

X-Man is here. Nate Grey - son of Jean and Scott - and here's what he can do:

x-man shows his stuff

Here's a short introduction of X-Man.

info on x-man

Here's both X-Man and Spider-Man busting in to Electro.

spider-man and x-man

". . . Tipping isn't a city in China." Spidey in full "joker mode" is the best.

Here are three panels showcasing Electro's incredible power levels.

power of electro

power of electro

power of electro

We've all read or heard about people who "fly off the handle". They feel victimized and the only thing they want to do is lash out in "revenge", and they don't care if they get destroyed in the process. Electro gets this way in the course of his fight with Spider-Man and X-Man. Look at him shouting like a crazy person while flying.

electro flies off in 
					a rage

Obviously, its because of his dark past. I'm nearly about to make fun of him allowing himself to be owned by what came before but I know what it's like to be controlled by emotion. When your emotion erupts inside you, the emotion feels like the truth and the urge to act on this so-called truth is nearly insurmountable; there's a palpable feeling of losing control.

With this out-of-control Electro, Spider-Man and X-Man have a decision to make. Nate comes from an extremely brutal future, it comes as no surprise that he wants a "permanent" solution to the Electro problem. Not so Peter . . .

spider-man and x-man
					debate what to do

Let's get a better look at Spider-Man's insulated suit.

spider-man insulated suit

What do you think? Better than this ?

It's been a hard slog for the Webslinger but its finally "game over".

spider-man punching electro

Unfortunately, things do not play out the way Peter would want them to and we are witnesses to the death of Electro.

death of electro

There is a subplot here where some True Believer ninjas exhume the remains of one Otto Octavius prompting a panel showing the reaction from the current Doctor Octopus.

the female doctor octopus

But. That's for next issue.

All in all , this double-sized issue did not disappoint - a classic Super-Hero/Super-Villain fight comic; its nice to have one of those from time to time..

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