Posted - June 27, 2014 | August 26, 2015

Amazing Spider-Man 492

1957 mafia hit + 2003 military gamma experiment =

the birth of a gamma zombie

A Hulk-like zombie wandering the environs of Nevada. Hulk-like is a bit of a stretch, this is more the welterweight divison to the Green Goliath's heavyweight chops.

Art is by John Romita Jr who does this excellent location panel.

night at the train tracks

Let's take a closer look at that gamma-irradiated zombie:

gamma zombie tussles with somebody

Back in the 50s, thirteen mobsters got assassinated by another mobster named Fiorelli. This zombie is an amalgam of all thirteen mobsters. As luck would have it, Fiorelli's organization is still active in Vegas and the monster happens upon some Fiorelli henchmen.

This zombie is no mindless monster. It has come back for revenge on Fiorelli, and only Fiorelli. As can be seen below a pimp is asked to leave. He isn't one of Fiorelli's men, so he can go.

gamma zombie only goes after 
					fiorelli's people

Ever wonder what it would it be like to look at MJ half-naked from across the room? Wonder no more:

mj prepares to go out

Peter can say all sorts of things to end that line but this is what he has in mind.

I seem to have forgotten to show something. Oh yeah - Spider-Man

spider-man meets up with lamont

The guy holding the boom box (is that term still valid?) is a police officer named Lamont and the stereo is his innovative way of "summoning" Spider-Man - he just plays somebody screaming.

The funniest panel in the comic has got to be this one:

the zombie wants some sinatra

This mobster-zombie happens upon a show. Maybe the band is playing, rock or alternative, or hiphop, rap even. Whatever is being played its not torch music a la Sinatra and company, the only kind of music a self-respecting mobster-zombie can appreciate. So its flying into a rage screaming for some classic tunes.

Just as Spidey confronts the zombie the issue ends.

spider-man confronts the 
					gamma zombie

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