Posted - June 28, 2014 | Updated : August 26, 2015

Amazing Spider-Man 520
Acts of Aggression

Welcome to this issue of The Avengers, I mean Amazing Spider-Man #520. I am absolutely NOT complaining that this reads like an issue of the Avengers. It's nice to have these team issues from time to time.

The issue opens with a Hydra General Assembly, Grand Council Meeting, oh I don't know what they call these things.

the leader of hydra speaks

" ... tactical power to support strategic wins". Makes sense and quite impressive.

And now this comic begins to take a familiar direction that a fanboy like me loves: The introduction of new super-villains! Campy as hell and oh so enjoyable. Evidently theres four of them:

four hydra agents

And, and . . .

a hydra assembly

Aw! They messed it up. How it's supposed to be done is each villain should be revealed in turn, with a panel for each showing them in their best pose and with their names in stylized lettering. To make it even better, a second panel for each should have captions detailing what power they have while they do a dramatic demo of said power. This "in the shadows" mystery treatment is lame!

Let's take a deep breath and head over to Stark tower were it is 5 effing thirty in the morning and Jarvis is in a full dress suit with bow tie, in the kitchen, cooking breakfast for the Avengers. He then encounters May Parker.

may parker and jarvis

The rendering of May's face with that expression is particularly well done. in fact, that's the best May Parker face I've ever seen - so real.

A detail about Wolverine's breakfast habits among the Avengers.

breakfast with the wolverine

I take it that if you can impress Jarvis with your cooking you're an extremely good cook?

the master chefs may and jarvis

And now, at last, the mystery villains. First up: The Hammer


Excellent Iron Man assault.

iron man attacks

Equally excellent counter-attack.

the hammer counters iron man

Pay attention to Iron Man's comment.

the difference between
					man-made and made in Asgard

I've always thought lightning and electricy are the same but this is a wonderful distinction - gives Thor a lot of "street cred".

Usually, we're just shown people hitting the wall, so this is special.

iron man drives hammer through a wall

Going through the wall. Very nice.

And now, for a change of pace, let's all meet Karl.

karl a.k.a. death incarnate

How about Captain America vs. Captain America?

And the last villain is the Bowman.

the bowman

And with that Hydra gets a total fail for creativity.

All the villains manage to escape so I'm sure we'll see them again.

Oh dang! Where the hell is Spider-Man? Hahahaha . . . .Here . . . a reminder of whose mag this is .

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