Posted - June 23, 2014 | Updated : August 26, 2015

Amazing Spider-Man 654
Revenge of the Spider Slayer Part Three

Drop-dead awesome looking cover . I certainly hope that Scorpion's new look - and even more formidable new powers - are here to stay.

After an introduction explaining that the issue opens in the middle of the action - an all out attack by the Spider Slayer and his minions - we are taken to an orbiting space station called Apogee 1.

apogee 1 space station

Apogee 1 is owned by Horizon Labs, Peter Parker's employer. I thought Horizon was just a simple research facility staffed by geniuses. But it is rich, really rich. It's a well-worn cliche isn't it? That if you're brainy or did well at school, being wealthy is a given? The reality is, that's simply not true. Max Modell, head of Horizon, is supposed to be a three-time Nobel Laureate. Not one. Not two. Three-time. So he owns a company that runs a space station. Having high grades will most likely - most likely, NOT surely, give you a good job - it takes different kinds of chops to build wealth. So in order to create Horizon, Modell isn't only smart - he's savvy. He's a great businessman AND a three time Nobel prize winner. This guy is more unbelievable than the ones running around in costumes.

Stefano Caselli does the art. This close-in panel of Spider-Man is really well done.

spider-man up close

The Thing is here! Alright!

the thing fighting off
					spider slayer's minions

Ben Grimm is my absolute favorite Marvel hero. I'm very choosy about how he's portrayed though. He has to be big, blocky and tough-looking. Caselli's doing him justice. Not the best rendering, but good.

Luke Cage and Power Man are here too!

luke cage and iron feast

The Spider Slayer has a mad-on for J. Jonah Jameson, Mayor of NYC. Jameson is in his limo and he gives the driver an instruction; I just love the way the driver responds to that one.

j. jonah jameson and a driver
					in the limo

In this issue, the Hobgoblin is operating in stealth mode. He just might have done great damage - crippling Assistant Editor Robbie Robertson's son. Though the Hobgoblin is in full civilian gear, Caselli still manages to do this great "split face" rendering to inform us it is the Hobgoblin.

hobgoblin incognito

And now for this issues's piece de resistance: The Scorpion

Initially shown in the shadows of Spider Killer's ship.

the scorpion inside the
					spider killer's ship

The Scorpion is to the right. Look how massive Mac Gargan has become.

He launches into action against Spider-Man showing off speed and strength and that excellent armor.

scorpion attacks spider-man

Ms. Marvel and Power Woman are here!

power woman and ms. marvel in action

I love it when Amazing Spider-Man becomes a team comic!

What is the Scorpion without his tail?

scorpion strikes with his tail

Deadly speed.

As mentioned, Spider Slayer has a ship. I love the creative name he has for his pilots.

inside spider killer's ship

Here is Spider Slayer on full attack mode:

spider slayer attacks

The big event, and the swan song of this story for this issue is the death of Marla Jameson at the hands of the Spider Slayer.

the death of marla jameson

Bonus Story: Venom

Flash the athlete. Flash the jock. He's served his country well but at great cost: The loss of his legs.

The main thing in this bonus story is the union of Venom and Flash

union of venom and flash thompson

The military is in charge of the whole thing. Venom/Flash is an anti-terrorist weapon of sorts. Not content with "just" Venom, the military provides ordnance, like the clever Multi-Gun.

the clever multi-gun

Artists Paulo Siqueira and Ronan Cliquet de Oliveira give us a beautiful rendering of Captain Katherine Glover.

captain katherine glover

It won't be a military without failsafes. The moment Flash's control weakens and Venom seems to be taking over Flash is a dead man.

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