Posted - June 23, 2014 | Updated : August 26, 2015

Amazing Spider-Man 658
Future Foundation

As if to signal that this is not a normal issue of Amazing Spider-Man, the Future Foundation flare lights up the sky. This is more like a normal issue of the Fantastic Four - I mean Future Foundation.

the FF flare

Brief background: With the death of Johnny Storm, Johnny himself has nominated Peter to join the Fantastic Four, now called the Future Foundation. The FF has retired the old Fantastic Four name and costumes in honor of Johnny. But guess who didn't get the memo?

					in the classic FF costume

Soon enough, Peter wears the new duds.

					in the future foundation costume

It's just too bad Javier Pulido is doing the art - he doesn't do the new costume any justice. I mean, just look at the beautifully drawn costume on the cover .

Soon enough, the FF is off to their new adventure with new member Spider-Man in tow.

The FF off to an adventure

Peter should quit the Avengers, this is a much better team for him considering how scientifically inclined he is and the FF is a group of science explorers. Just look at how he gets along with Reed.

peter and reed speak the
					same language - science

Sue knows it too.

Did I just diss the art of Javier Pulido? I take it all back look at this amazing double page spread of the FF in Paris.

the FF in paris controlling
					a horde of monsters


Pastry break right after resolving the Paris issue seems such a great idea.

the FF enjoying pastry
					after averting a crisis

A mime makes fun of the Thing. Surprisingly, Mr. Grimm is in full control.

a mime insults the thing

One of the many reasons I consider the Thing Marvel's best.

Not to worry though, Mr. Mime won't get away with his unprovoked insult; courtesy of the Invisible Woman.

invisible woman
					teaches the mime a lesson in manners

Not content with just Paris, Pulido gives as a less impressive but still good Microverse double-pager.

the FF in the 

Theres more! A pinup of the chaos in the Baxter building showing the FF kids and their nanny, Dragon Man.

chaos at the baxter

And still more! The future.

the ff in the future

Where the FF meets the future Future Foundation.

the ff meet the future
					future foundation

Captain Wakanda, if I'm not mistaken is descended from both Steve Rogers and T'Challa.

Peter has his own agenda while traipsing around with his new team.

parker's idea of 
					using future technology is foiled by reed richards

Is what Reed asking for even possible? The creative act is a very 'hodgepdge' process isn't it? Your mind just sort of grabs things all over the place and your ideas are most likely complicated amalgams of everything you've seen and studied. Having seen the future, and thought about it, can Peter really filter it out? I wouldn't bet on it.

End of story but not the issue. We get a bonus feature.

Bonus Story: Marvel Team-Up

Yes! I miss Marvel Team-Up . So who's in here?

spider-man and 
					ghost rider team-up

Before we even encounter Ghost Rider we get a glimpse of his bike.

ghost rider's 
					bike outside a bar

Notice the patrons in the background running away from the bar the Ghost Rider is in?

Ghost Rider becomes Johnny Blaze again so he can enjoy a drink at a bar. Johnny has this to say.

johnny blaxe
					wishing for a picket fence and a mortgage.

Question: If you were Johnny Storm, I mean, if you were you, but like Johnny, you could summon the Ghost Rider at will, would you want to give up that power? I wouldn't. At night, I would go out to the most dangerous parts of my city and wait for people to mess with me. For starters. Moving on . . .

Pretty soon, Peter finds himself in the middle of not-so-chummy meeting of Hellspawns.

spider-man, caught
					between a rock and hard place.

The fight is on and Ghost Rider lashes out. What a great fiery panel this is.

ghost rider on the 

It doesn't go well with Mr. Rider so he gives the bike to Peter. Yup, HE GIVES THE BIKE TO PETER. Look at this panel here.

ghost rider asks
					spider-man to take the bike

This is a "to be continued" tale but the last panel is a doozy.

spide-man on
					ghost rider's bike

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