Posted - June 24, 2014 | Updated : August 26, 2015

Amazing Spider-Man 661
The Substitute Part One

Amazing Spider-Man #661 is an artistic tour de force. The artist is Reilly Brown and he really serves up some gorgeous panels all throughout the issue.

Here's the Future Foundation:

the future foundations

Fairly young rendition of the Invisible Woman. Compare that with this .

And here's Stan Lee's and Jack Kirby's classic "flying bathtub" Fantasticar - modernized and given a Future Foundation paint job.

the flying bathtub

Well, apparently, in this issue the FF is taking on King Kong.

FF vs. King Kong

Spider-Man and the Thing launch into action!

Spider-Man and the Thing jump into

Surprise! Surprise! It's Giant-Man!

giant-man punches king kong

There is a tradition of Peter Parker being a hard luck hero because of the so-called "Parker Luck". Giant-Man goes into a bit of a spiel about what makes the hapless Spider-Man hapless.

hard luck hero parker

I don't know if the hard luck hero image can stick with someone with so many gorgeous women in his life though.

After that series of exquisite panels, the book delivers a good old visual list of characters. I love visual lists! Specially of heroes I'm not familiar with. This list is about the membership of the Avengers Academy.



Incidentally, a hazmat is the head to toe body suit used to protect people from radioactivity.



Finesse - shown with her father, the Taskmaster.






And Striker.


Spider-Man volunteers to teach at the Academy. Here he is losing the Future Foundation togs and putting on his classic red and blue.

spider-man teaches at the
					avengers academy

It seems that the "responsibility" statement, within the Avengers, is attributed to Giant-Man/Hank Pym - not to Spider-Man

spider-man talks with
					his students in avengers academy

Veil makes a valid point.

veil explores probable
					past options for spider-man

It's time for some practical lessons, so the teacher takes the students out on patrol.

spider-man an avengers
					academy on patrol

Expecting petty crimes, they encounter some of that, but they also encounter the Psycho Man.

psycho man

The Psycho man encounter continues to the next issue. Let's end with Brown's "wallcrawler" rendition.


There is a bonus section to this issue called "Spider-Man: Just Another Day". It's a day in the life visual space filler. Javier Pulido does the art. Nothing to write home about.

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